Recap: Somewhere Only We Know - Season 2 - Episode 7

The Landry women learn things aren't always as they seem as each uncovers new past and present truths. Elliot questions how much of Kat's heart is in 1814.

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In present day, Kat runs from the pond to the Landry house to collect medicine and supplies to bring back for Jacob. Alice sees her and inquires about what’s happening, saying Del will wake up and shouldn’t see Kat like this in her 1814 garb. Kat changes clothes and says she needs to go back because they beat Jacob badly and he could be dying. From inside, Del sees Kat and Alice arguing outside as she gets a phone call on her cell. Kat tells Alice she has to go, just as Del comes outside asking Kat where she’s going. Del rides Stormy and follows Kat towards the pond; Del stops Kat before she jumps in and asks what she’s doing.

Back in the Landry kitchen, Del throws the Founder’s Day edition of the Herald down on the table in front of Kat and Alice. She says the mayor’s office has been calling looking for Kat, wanting to know why the edition is a complete embarrassment. Alice says it’s her fault, but Kat steps in; Del asks Alice for a minute alone with Kat. Someone knocks at the door and it’s Sam, who brought coffee for himself and Del. Inside, Alice tells Kat that they have to tell Del the truth, but Kat doesn’t want to get Del’s hopes up. On the porch, Sam asks Del to go see a new exhibit, grab lunch, and walk together, but Del tells him she’s busy and that their moonlight swim doesn’t make her one of his ‘girls.’ Sam says he was asking as a friend, and he also noticed that her barn’s hinges were rusty and he’d be happy to fix them. Del pointedly tells her ‘friend’ she’ll hold on the home improvement for now.

As Del returns, Kat sends Alice upstairs, but Alice sits and listens in. Del tells Kat that she lied to the mayor to protect her, and tells Kat she’s being unreliable and unprofessional. Kat questions if Del is protecting her or her own reputation, and Del demands to know what Kat is hiding. Kat asks for Del’s trust and a little more time, but Del says that she can’t trust Kat given their history. Kat leaves and Del tells her to just go, again. As Del heads upstairs, she sees that Alice heard from the stairs, and apologizes that she had to hear it.

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At the pond, Kat sees Elliot; Alice called him and told him about Jacob. Elliot tells Kat to be safe, and warns her that the pond might not let her take supplies back with her. After she jumps into the pond, Elliot sees the bag of medicine float back up to the top.

Outside on the Landry farm, Alice runs into Adult Nick, who just got back into town. He’s looking for Kat or Elliot, and notices the Landry boat still out on their yard. As he reminisces, Alice says she has to get ready for work.

In 1814, Kat surfaces at the pond to Thomas waiting nearby. Kat realizes that the pond didn’t let her bring the equipment with her and she curses it. Thomas tells her he’ll take her to Jacob and hands her men’s clothing to change into, as Cyrus has everyone in town looking for the ‘witch who hexed him.’

In present day at Elliot’s house, he’s startled when he sees Nick on his couch; they hug hello. Nick tells Elliot that his moms told him about how Elliot killed it with his Founder’s Day speech, and Nick wishes he was there for him. Nick picks up the Founder’s Day pin and reveals a punched hole in Elliot’s wall. He asks why Elliot hasn’t replaced it, and he says that it’s a good reminder of who he doesn’t want to be. Nick reminds Elliot that he’s nothing like his father, Vic.

In 1814, Thomas leads Kat to the lighthouse that they’re hiding Jacob in. Kat learns that Cyrus owns the lighthouse, as Thomas believes it’s the last place Cyrus will look. Kat heads down the trap door inside and Thomas closes her in. Susanna is down there with Jacob and Thomas is keeping watch up top. Jacob’s wounds are in bad shape, and Susanna tells Kat she needs more herbs, but they can’t go into town. Kat will need to gather them in the woods while Susanna stays with Jacob.

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In present day at The Point as Alice works, Nick and Elliot enter discussing Del’s boat, which Nick is thinking about purchasing. Elliot sees Alice working and tries to get Nick to go to Wally’s instead, but Nick wants to eat at The Point. They order with Alice and Elliot gets their food to go. Nick grabs a copy of the Herald Founder’s Day edition and notes the amateur layout. He reads about Lingermore being for sale, and recounts Evelyn being shut up in that house for 17 years before teenagers trashed it in ‘07. Elliot changes the subject from Lingermore to their food.

On the porch swing at the Landry house, Del asks Rita if she thinks her barn looks rusty. Del feels like Sam pointed it out to tell her that things around her are falling apart and she can’t keep up. Rita relays that Sam cancelled her second date with him as he’s serious about someone and off the market.

Back at The Point, Elliot and Nick get their order and Elliot ushers them out. Alice asks Monica about the Lingermore party in 2007, and Monica says it wasn’t a great moment for the people in this town. Alice feels like something bad happened, and Noah believes that information must be somewhere in town archives. He suggests that Kat must have a key to The Herald lying around that they can use.

In 1814, Kat and Thomas gather herbs in the woods; he insinuates that she’s a witch as he saw her go into the pond and not surface. Kat begins to tell him why, just as men arrive in the woods; Thomas grabs Kat and they hit the ground. They see the Goodwin ‘G’ on the men’s boots, talking about looking for the witch and celebrating with a bonfire. The men continue on, and Kat thanks Thomas for helping her; she says that she’s a time traveler. Kat tells him about the pond being a portal and he laughs. He doesn’t ask any more questions, and Kat wonders how he doesn’t want to know what happens in the future. He asks about the outcome of the war, and when she tells him that it technically it ends in a draw, Thomas says Kat would be more useful to him as a witch.

In present day on the Landry farm, Nick makes an offer to Del on their boat. He says he’ll restore it and care for it, as he could really use a project right now. Just as Sam arrives on the farm, Del tells Nick to give her some time to think about it.

At the Herald, Noah teases Alice about the layout of the latest edition. They scour records, and Alice can’t find any mention of the event that took place at Lingermore; Alice wonders how it didn’t make the news. She finds physical records of pulled stories and photo reels, but they need a way to see the film. Noah has to leave for work and tells Alice they’ll talk soon.

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Back in 1814 at the lighthouse, Kat wonders how Thomas has free rein of the space; he tells Kat he is the lighthouse keeper. Kat heads downstairs as Jacob stirs awake, and he doesn’t know where he is; his fever is causing delirium. Kat stumbles back in the lighthouse and bumps into barrels of rum before storming outside.

On the beach, Kat walks and Thomas follows close behind. He tells Kat that Jacob isn’t the innocent boy she remembers. Jacob devised the plan to skim rum from the British shipments, and Jacob is the reason the hidden room at the lighthouse even exists. Kat refuses to believe this, but Thomas says Jacob has a responsibility to his family. Kat says she is Jacob’s family, and Thomas wonders why she’s judging him so harshly then. Kat screams that Jacob is dying and she may never get to know him after all this time. She shoves Thomas in anger, and he picks her up and threatens to throw her in the water. Kat says to put her down, and breaks down crying in Thomas’s arms

In present day at the Landry house, Del and Sam sit by the fire at night with tea. Sam is surprised that Del called him to come over after that morning, and she says he caught her at a bad time before as she was fighting with her daughter. Del apologizes for what she said earlier about not being one of his girls, but Sam says there aren’t girls, and he’s done playing the field. He says he met someone right here and points to Del, and he doesn’t want her to think she’s one of many. Del claims he’s being presumptuous, and she’s flattered, but she doesn’t know that she wants to be in a relationship. He says he’s just enjoying getting to know his neighbor.

At The Cove, Nick and Elliot share beers by the bonfire. Nick reveals that Claire called off their wedding, as she got sick of him being gone all the time. Nick says that he loves her, but maybe sometimes love isn’t enough, and Elliot says the same about him and Kat.

In 1814 at The Cove, Thomas brings Kat a drink by the fire and asks for a truce. Kat worries that she’ll never get the chance to know Jacob; Thomas reveals that he’s lost two brothers, and losing Jacob would be like losing a third. Kat feels like she is so close, yet so far. Thomas laughs, as Jacob once said the same thing about the stars in the sky. Thomas told Jacob that the distance from stars or people is not the thing to be worrying about; he says to worry when you can’t find them at all. Thomas tells Kat that she still has time, and to not lose sight of the stars just yet.

In present day on the Landry farm, Alice calls Noah and leaves him a rambling message. She tries to delete it, but it sends to him anyway. When Alice runs into Nick working on Del’s boat, she asks if he heard that message. He did.

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In 1814, Kat awakens next to Susanna in the lighthouse cellar. Kat apologizes for getting Susana into all of this with Jacob and the pond, but Susanna says this was part of her life already as her father sold rum illegally. Kat tells Susanna she’s so grateful to her, as Jacob coughs and seizes. Kat heads upstairs to Thomas and says they need to get Jacob to the pond, but Thomas doesn’t think it’s safe. Kat doesn’t care what happens to her, but Thomas reminds her that she does matter greatly to people, like Alice. He takes her face in his hands as horses gallop up in the distance; it’s Cyrus and his men. Thomas sends Kat back into the cellar and says he will handle it.

In present day at The Point, Rita asks Del for updates on the Herald fiasco and if Kat is issuing a reprint. Sam walks in, and Rita asks if Del found out who Sam’s ‘special someone’ is, only for Rita to realize it’s Del. Rita assures Del she’s ok with her and Sam, and Del takes a seat and joins him. Sam says that he can fix Del’s fence next, and then maybe they can talk about doing dinner after. Del then sees a man enter The Point and spaces out, as she thinks she is seeing Colton.

At the Landry farm on the boat, Alice tells Nick how she’s terrible at reading signals from boys. Nick tells her that if she thinks someone’s worth it, she should tell them how she feels. Noah drives up to the Landry farm then, asking if Alice has the film roll negatives for them to take a look at.

In 1814, Cyrus and his men search the lighthouse premises as Kat and Susanna stay in the cellar with Jacob. They hear footsteps and a gunshot upstairs, and the cellar door opens. It’s Thomas, and the gunshot was Cyrus giving an all clear to his men before leaving. Susanna can still feel a pulse on Jacob, but they don’t know how much longer they have.

In present day in Alice’s room, Noah runs a program to view the film negatives they found at the Herald. Noah asks if she wants to play some music, and ‘I Want It That Way’ by The Backstreet Boys plays on her phone; Noah sings along and Alice joins in.

Outside, Del tells Nick that she unfortunately can’t sell the boat as she’s still attached, so it’s a “no” for now. They hear Alice and Nick singing from her room, and Nick says Alice’s voice is unforgettable. Del invites Nick to stay for dinner with her and Alice, but he says he should get going, and looks back at Alice’s room where she’s singing before leaving.

Noah and Alice keep singing in her bedroom, and they share a kiss. They realize the program has uploaded the film negatives to the computer, and they study a picture from the file. They see blood, a mask, and glasses on the ground at Lingermore.

At Elliot’s house, he reads his journal from October 2007. Among other things, it says, “How can I face Alice again if she ever comes back?” and, “It’s all my fault.”

In 1814, Kat sings Colton’s song “Everything I Wanted” from their childhood to Jacob in the cellar. As Kat cries at his bedside, Jacob seems to have flashes of his younger self with Del, Colton, and Young Kat on the Landry farm. Suddenly, Jacob gasps awake, opens his eyes, and says, “Kat.”