Recap: Not All Who Wander Are Lost - Episode 10

Kat and Alice attend Colton's funeral. Del goes to the grief group and makes peace with her memory of Colton. Kat has a new theory about Jacob.

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Completely distraught, Kat and Alice arrive back to the present at the pond. Kat believes it was her fault that her father crashed. Elliot and Alice console Kat. At Elliot’s house, he tells Kat not to carry the weight of fault for the accident. She reminisces about the fact that Colton recognized her in the end and that he loved her. She regrets dragging Alice into the past.

At the Landry Farm, Alice approaches Kat to let her know that it was not her fault. Alice believes it was her own fault and that Kat choose her over Colton. Kat reassures Alice that she wasn’t responsible either and they must trust in what Elliot has been saying: they cannot change the past.

Brady arrives and delivers Kat divorce papers, which marks the end of their marriage. Brady tells Kat that he’ll be staying at a hotel for the rest of his visit.

In her room, Alice reviews the Landry Almanac, determined to return to the past to attend Colton’s funeral to support teen Kat. She invites Kat to go with her. At the pond, they hold hands before jumping in.

In 2000, teen Elliot is in tears in the clubhouse that Colton built. Alice meets teen Elliot in there. He reminisces on building it with Colton. Alice asks teen Elliot to get her clothes. He feels overwhelmed by her demands but he does them for teen Kat.

Adult kat and Alice arrive at Colton’s funeral. Alice walks up to stand with the family while adult Kat stays towards the back out of sight. After Del’s eulogy, she spots adult Kat in tears, hiding in the trees.

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In 2023, Elliot and Brady meet at the Point Café. Brady tells Elliot that he knows he has feelings for Kat and lets him in on the finalizing of their divorce. He admits that he was threaten by Elliot in the past because of his intelligence and close relationship with Kat.

In the Landry kitchen, Del noticed Kat in deep thought. Kat tells Del that she’s been thinking about Colton and assures Del that she shouldn’t hang on to the idea that Colton was cheating. But Del tells Kat that she remembers a strange woman weeping at his funeral. Kat tells her it wasn’t anyone important and excuses herself. Del goes to the kitchen drawer and pulls out the grief support group card that Kat gave her.

In her room, Alice hears Colton’s voice encouraging her to embrace her singing talent. At the Point, she asks Spencer about performing at the opening of the Roxy. Spencer is excited to hear that she’s up for it.

Kat enters Elliot’s home. She tells him that she is the reason her mom thinks her father was cheating. She regrets time travel and considers herself the bad seed. Elliot tells her once again to let the past go; he is exhausted by the fact that his life has been ruled by the past. Kat promises she will let it go to focus on them. She tells him she is grateful for him. They share a kiss.

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In the Landry kitchen, Brady tells Kat that Alice has signed up to perform at the Roxy. Kat and Brady are both proud of her. Brady wants to chat with Alice about the divorce but Alice says she’s fine and doesn’t need to have the talk.

Kat tries to comfort Alice in her room, but Alice says she wants to check on teen Kat. Kat tells her that Alice never went back to Port Haven after the funeral. Alice wants to know why her mom didn’t tell her sooner. She wanted to say goodbye to teen Kat because she is her best friend. She storms off.

Alice heads to the pond and when she emerges, she has not arrived in the year 2000. Instead, she’s gone back only months – some time before she and Kat arrived in Port Haven. She sneaks into the Landry house and spies Del talking to Rita. Rita is trying to convince Del to send the letter that she wrote to her daughter and granddaughter. She tells Rita she’s not going to do that. Rita encourages her because she needs her family around, but Del refuses and tosses the letter. After they walk out, Alice walks in and retrieves the letter from the trash.

Alice returns to present day and meets Kat in the Landry kitchen, just after she has signed the divorce papers. Alice tells her mother she was right. “The pond didn’t take me where I wanted to go, but it took me where I needed to go,” she explains. Brady interrupts them to say he’ll be at Alice’s concert and that he loves them both.

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Inside the Landry barn, Alice is practicing with her guitar. Del appears and tells Alice her singing was beautiful. Alice admits that she’s scared to perform, but Del encourages her to “do the thing that scares you.” She wishes that Colton was around to hear his granddaughter sing.

At the Roxy, Kat approaches Elliot. She’s nervous about Alice’s performance, asking to hold his hand through it. They take their seats and await Alice’s performance.

Alice takes the stage to loud applause. She begins to play until she glances over and sees her parents sitting together. She stops the song and tells the crowd she wants to play a different song, one that has gotten her through a lot. Del recognizes the song as the one that Colton wrote for her. Del applauds in tears, confused as to how Alice knows the song.

At Elliot’s house, Kat tells Elliot she signed her divorce papers. She uses the opportunity to tell Elliot how much he means to her. He tearfully tells Kat that she’s always been special to him but he wants to start a new chapter, to see where his own path might lead. He hopes that she will understand. She doesn’t, but Elliot tells her he needs her to try. Although shaken by his decision, she agrees.

In the Landry kitchen, Del asks Alice where she learned the song she performed. She tells her that Kat sang it to her when she was little and she always remembered it. Del tells them she went to the grief support group. Although the people were nice, it wasn’t for her. Del apologizes to Kat for not being there for her as she was lost in grief. She tells them that Alice and Kat have been her support group. Since they’ve come back into her life, they’ve filled her heart. Kat says she’s grateful that Del sent the letter, but Del still says she didn’t. Alice smiles, knowing it was she who sent the letter after finding it in the trash, all those months ago.

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The Landry dog, Fynn walks in with a torn up baseball that he got from the pond. Del tells them Fynn can’t stay out the pond. Kat recognizes the baseball as the same one that Jacob had. Could Fynn have time traveled in the pond as well? Kat runs to grab the Landry Almanac in the living room, where she finds a message next to a torn out page and Jacob’s hand-drawn initials: “The explorer found a home, but he still looks to the stars when he feels lost.” She has a flashback of teen Kat and Jacob lying together, staring up at the star-strewn ceiling of his room. Young Jacob says, “Did you know explorers used the stars to lead them home when they got lost?” Kat stares at the words in disbelief.

Kat has a flashback of when she walked Jacob home the night he disappeared. When he reaches the front door, he hears a dog bark – it’s Fynn. He chases the dog through the fields to the pond and jumps in after him. Alice interrupts Kat. She tells Alice Jacob followed Fynn into the pond the night she saved him. Del joins their conversation and wonders what they’re discussing. Kat tells her she knows what happened to Jacob.

Meanwhile, in 1814, a woman in white races through the forest with pursuers chasing her. The woman arrives at the pond. It is Kat, her short hair grown out and wearing a long white gown. Before she jumps into the water, she says, “I’ll be back for you, Jacob. I promise.”