Recap: Lovefool - Episode 8

When an old friend returns, Alice realizes her relationship has no future, and Kat is shocked by family secrets. Del tries to take a chance with Byron.

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It’s the year 2000 and Kat refuses to let go of the past like she said she would. She’s at the Landry Farm and notices Colton and Del aren’t home. She creeps in and snoops around the house in search for answers. She hears a car pull in the driveway and runs to hide. She listens as her parents argue intensely about Jacob’s disappearance. The argument ends with Colton storming out the house.

In 2023, Alice is on the porch and spots her mother returning from the pond. She wonders why, since she did say she was done with the pond. Kat continues into the house only to see Byron and Del. Byron is going to be staying with them on the couch while he recuperates from his accident.

Outside, Kat chats with Elliot, who reprimands her for breaking and entering her childhood home. She doesn’t see it that way. She expresses her heartache for seeing her parents argue as she thought they were a united front during Jacob’s tragedy. Elliot suggests grief can do awful things to relationships. Kat suspects her father was cheating.

Rita, Jude, and Joyce stop by the Landry place and find Byron inside. They see it as Del and Byron shacking up, but Del says she’s just looking after him during his recovery. The group enjoys tea and plays poker together when Alice walks downstairs. Del asks her to join. There’s a knock at the door and Alice goes to open it. It’s adult Nick.

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Kat returns home after spending time in the fields, clearing her mind. She runs into Alice who looks like she’s seen a ghost. Alice tells her that Nick is inside to surprise his parents; he didn’t recognize her. Kat wonders if Alice loves him. It’s obvious. She’s in need of her best friend, teen Kat. Her mother encourages her to go back to the year 2000 to see her. Alice takes off towards the pond.

In the year 2000, Alice arrives at the Landrys’ and teen Kat lets her in. They head upstairs to listen to Alanis Morrisette. Things are obviously not well at home and teen Kat shares plans with Alice to leave Port Haven. Alice explains she wants to end things with teen Nick.

In 2023, Elliot, Kat and adult Nick are out at a pub. Elliot and Kat grab a table while adult Nick makes his way towards the bar. Elliot and Kat discuss how adult Nick doesn’t recognize Alice. Kat feels sympathy for her and declares that love sucks. She tells Elliot things aren’t going well for her either as she found out about her father’s potential affair. Nick overhears and wonders who she’s talking about. Kat ignores him and they cheers to love being a sham.

Meanwhile, in the Landry kitchen, Del asks Byron about the head injuries he mentioned during tea and poker. He says it’s from his time on the front lines in Afghanistan. He was caught in an explosion where three people were killed, including his wife, Laura. Del is shocked and wonders why he never said anything or wore a ring. Byron says there was no point in staying married to a memory.

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In 2000, when teen Kat and Alice meet up with teen Elliot and teen Nick, Alice asks to speak with teen Nick alone. When Alice breaks up with him, he’s not surprised. She returns the fish hook bracelet he gave her. Teen Kat and teen Elliot watch them, but Kat’s pager buzzing interrupts them. It’s Brady sending a code to let teen Kat know that he misses her.

In 2023, at the pub, Kat asks Nick if he remembers their old friend Alice. He says no, as there were many women from his past. The karaoke host announces Kat Landry as the next performer. Unbeknownst to her, Nick signed her up. She takes the stage and sings “You Learn” by Alanis Morrisette. Nick shares with Elliot that he’s engaged and he is taking a page out of Elliot’s book. Elliot reminds him that his marriage fell apart. Nick realizes that after so many years, Elliot is still in love with Kat and encourages him to make a move.

Kat and Elliot arrive at home. Kat knows Elliot wants to kiss her goodnight. She demands a kiss from him, but he refuses as he said he would do it when the time is perfect.

The next morning, as Kat brushes Alice’s hair, she reveals that Nick is engaged. Alice cries and tells her mother that she broke up with teen Nick last night. Kat comforts Alice and reminds her that technically it was a long time ago. Kat tells Alice she has something she has to do. Alice wants to know what her mother is up to, but she doesn’t reveal it.

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In 2000, Kat has returned to the Landrys’. She witnesses her parents chatting with tension. Del is cutting firewood even though Colton told her he would do it. He heads out and Del is not surprised. Colton doesn’t notice that Kat climbs into the back of his truck bed.

In 2023, as Del is cutting firewood, Byron wonders if she ever stops working. She says the day she stops working it will be the day she dies. Byron tries to help her but gets a splinter. As she nurses his injury, things turn awkward when he tells her he wants to kiss her.

In 2000, Colton’s truck is speeding while Kat holds on in the back. He arrives at the same motel that Kat and Elliot visited in 2023. As Kat listens in, Colton meets with a private investigator named Morgan. He tells Colton he has no leads. Colton says if Jacob had drowned, they would’ve found his body. Morgan says he wishes he could help him further but there’s nothing more that can be done.

At the café, Alice meets with Spencer and shares her heartbreak about Nick. As she gets up for water, she runs into adult Nick. She congratulates him on his engagement and pretends not be crushed.

In 2000, Kat watches as Colton cries in his boat as he comes to terms with Morgan’s dossier. He stores it away in the boat’s cabin. Del sees him and tells him dinner is almost ready. She gives him her coat and walks away. Colton calls out to her and tells her that he loves her very much.

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In 2023, Kat races back home. She sees Elliot and tells him what she witnessed. Colton never cheated; it was a private investigator he hired with all that money. There was no other woman and he never gave up looking for Jacob or stopped loving Del. Kat stares into Elliot’s eyes and they share a kiss. She tells him she doesn’t care about perfect. Elliot tells her the moment still felt perfect to him.

Kat heads for the boat and straight into the cabin for the dossier. She shows Del and tells her Colton was ashamed to tell her that he hired a private investigator and that his intentions were good. Del isn’t moved and insists that she doesn’t need to see any more of it. Kat explains that Colton didn’t have an affair and that the money was used for private investigating. Del tells Kat there was another woman who showed up to his funeral, crying.

On Elliot’s porch, adult Nick says his goodbyes to Elliot. He confesses that he lied to Kat; he does remember Alice but thought it would be creepy to mention it since she looks like Kat’s daughter. He tells Elliot Alice was his first love and he misses her. Alice overhears them and smiles.

Back at home, Byron tells Kat he’s leaving as it is obvious there’s no room for him at the Landry house. He can tell Del isn’t over her late husband. He leaves in hopes to create room for healing to happen at. As he heads out, he tells Kat to be good to Del.