Recap: Lose Yourself - Season 2 - Episode 8

Del, Kat, and Alice learn how events of the past have shaped their family's present. Alice learns a secret that affects her relationship with Elliot.

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In 1814, Adult Jacob sits on the shore, telling Kat that he remembers falling into the pond on the Landry farm and being pulled under. He was drowning, and when he came up, he wandered in the woods as there was no path; he couldn’t find his way home. He recounts Rebecca – his mother – and Elijah finding him, and Kat wonders if he ever tried to tell them where he came from. Jacob says he doesn’t know what is real anymore. Kat tries to remind him that he used to draw ‘J’ and ‘K’ for their names, and that he carved it into Elijah’s table. Thomas and Susanna approach and they tell Jacob that Goodwin is looking for him and he should get inside. Kat says she’s leaving but she’ll be back soon. To Jacob, Kat says, “see you later, alligator.” A look of recognition comes across Jacob’s face, and he asks Kat why she didn’t come for him sooner.

At the pond, Kat worries to Thomas that it won’t bring her back here soon. Thomas says he will keep Jacob safe until she returns; she asks him to be safe too, and she jumps in.

In present day in the Landry kitchen, Elliot has coffee with Del and Alice. Kat comes in from the pond, and Del tells her there’s no need for an apology. Del heads outside to take Alice to school, while Kat fills them in on Jacob’s whereabouts. Later in the Landry house, Kat tells Elliot how Jacob’s trauma seems to have erased his memories of them. She wonders why the pond ripped Jacob away from his family, and Kat thinks if she can remind Jacob of his life before, he might want to come back. Nick enters and he and Kat hug; he asks her what the big story is that she’s been chasing. Elliot and Kat head to work, and Nick says they should all catch up tomorrow night; he’ll plan something.

Outside, Del and Sam have coffee on the back of his truck. Sam jokes that Del must want to keep their relationship a secret, meeting him all the way out there, but Del says everyone knows about them already.

Back at Elliot’s house, Nick asks what’s really going on with him and Kat. Elliot tells Nick that he thought they’d find their way back to each other, but he feels like Kat has a whole side to her world that he’s not a part of. As Elliot cleans up, he eyes the hole punched in his wall, and says he needs a project. Nick starts to poke around as they discuss home renovations, and he finds Elliot’s papers and school books from years ago.

Back on Del and Sam’s coffee date, she tells him that Evelyn’s son doesn’t want to sell Lingermore; he’s buying up land for a vineyard and wants to make her an offer. Del knows this land has given her family so much, but there aren’t any more farmers left amongst them. Although she’d like to keep up the tradition in a way that benefits the community, the town council didn’t back her proposal. Sam asks to read it, but Del thinks this offer on the land could be a sign for her.

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At The Point Cafe, Noah asks Alice if she asked her mom about the Lingermore photo. Noah apologizes for kissing her yesterday, and Alice asks if they can just forget it ever happened. Monica overhears, and Alice runs into Adult Nick as she goes to check on her tables. Nick tells Monica that he, Elliot and Kat need a night out, but Monica is busy tomorrow night as she’s been wrangled into doing Rita’s ghost tour. Nick says to count him and all of them in.

At the Landry house at night, Alice enters Kat’s room to see her sleeping. Alice has the Lingermore picture in-hand, but decides against bringing it up and tucks her tired mom in instead.

On the Landry porch, Del takes in her land and has a flashback to talking with Colton, Young Kat and Young Jacob. Colton tells them that by the time they hand the land down to the kids, they’ll have doubled the acreage, and it will be the finest dairy farm in the province.

Del comes back to the present as Kat leaves for work; she tells Kat that they need to talk, as the Goodwins made an offer on the land. Kat tells Del she can’t sell, but Del says it’s her own choice to make. When Kat reminds Del that this is Colton’s legacy, Del tells Kat how she’s always felt indebted to Evelyn after everything she did for them years ago. After Kat leaves for work, Alice asks Del if her debt to Evelyn has to do with the 2007 Lingermore event. Alice tells Del that she’s sick of not being treated like an adult, and that she’s part of this family, too. Del tells Alice that some wounds go very deep, and the event that happened is a sore subject because after it, Del and Kat didn’t speak for 17 years.

When Elliot spots Alice heading to the pond, he stops her as he knows she should be heading to school. But Alice says she’s tired of waiting for answers so she’s going to see for herself. She tells Elliot she knows that he and Kat lied about being at the Lingermore party in 2007, and if she goes back, maybe she can fix things. Elliot says he hopes that she can forgive him once she sees.

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In the 2000s on the Landry farm, Young Kat storms outside as Del follows; Alice listens and watches from behind the boat. Del tells Kat that she’s done everything she can to keep the farm, but it’s not sustainable. Kat pleads that it’s all they have left of her dad and Jake. Kat tells Del that she doesn’t come home anymore because Del doesn’t make it easy. Kat leaves, passing the ‘For Sale’ sign posted at the farm’s entrance.

In present day, Del reviews the Goodwins’ proposal, and has a flashback to Colton getting ready in their room. He’s getting dressed to go ask the bank for a loan and asks Del to wish him luck. Back in the present, Del gets a text from Sam asking if she wants to do dinner; she says she’d love to.

In 2007, Young Elliot is startled by Alice sleeping in the barn. He tells her it’s been five years since she’s last been here, and Alice realizes it’s around the time of the October Lingermore party. Young Kat approaches the barn and Elliot hides Alice, as Kat hasn’t seen her in seven years and she hasn’t aged.

In present day on Rita’s ghost tour of Port Haven, she takes a crowd through the woods by lantern and tells stories about ‘The White Witch.’ Monica tells Kat she hopes Alice isn’t getting hung up on Noah, but Kat doesn’t know about him. Elliot asks Kat if everything’s ok, and Kat says no. Del won’t talk to her, Jake thinks Kat forgot about him, and Kat has no idea what’s going on with Alice. Rita talks more about ‘The White Witch,’ and Kat tells Rita that everything about this witch is lore made up by parents to scare their kids. Kat jokes to Elliot that Rita is dragging her name through the mud, and then tells Elliot about how she in fact started the legend of ‘The White Witch’ in the 1800s when she was saving Jacob. Elliot wants to hear more about that, but informs Kat that Alice went back to Lingermore in 2007.

In 2007, Young Kat tells Young Elliot that things just feel harder with Del every time she’s home, and it’ll be eight years this week since Jacob disappeared. Alice watches their conversation from the other side of the barn. Kat asks for a distraction from all of this, and Elliot says after he waters plants at Lingermore he can hang. Kat says it’s Halloween weekend and they should throw a party at Evelyn’s empty house. Kat swears it’s going to be a small soirée and just the old gang. Elliot assumes that means Brady, too, but Kat reveals to Elliot that she left him. Kat departs to spread word about the party that night, and Alice insists to Elliot that she’s coming. Out the window, Elliot calls to Kat to make it a masquerade party, so that Alice can attend incognito.

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In present day on Rita’s ghost tour, Rita takes the group inside the lighthouse as she tells stories. Outside, Kat and Elliot fight about Alice going back to 2007. Kat is upset that Elliot didn’t try to stop her, but Elliot knows it was inevitable. Nick interrupts their argument, asking if they want to get beers after the tour. Elliot says he isn’t in the mood to go out, so Nick instead says the afterparty is at Elliot’s house.

In 2007 at Lingermore, the party has taken flight. Elliot is taken aback when he sees Kat descend the staircase in her party outfit and asks to grab a drink with her. Young Nick and Monica greet Elliot and Kat, and Kat realizes she made the Facebook party invite public by accident, so it got out of hand. Monica steals Kat to catch up with her, as Elliot worries over the broken cups and chaos ensuing at Lingermore.

In present day at Elliot’s, Monica wonders if any others are coming, and Elliot makes a joke to Kat about sharing the Facebook invite. Nick asks Monica to pick better music, and leaves to make espresso martinis for them.

At the party at Lingermore, Nick sees Alice through a window and realizes it’s her. He pulls his mask down and they share a moment; when he tries to find her on the other side, she’s already left.

In present day at Elliot’s, they play the same song that was playing at the Lingermore party, and everyone reminisces. Nick says he’s going to get everyone shots as Monica brings up that night in 2007; she apologies to Elliot and Kat, as she was the one who shared the Facebook invite publicly. Elliot says there’s only one thing to do now, and it’s a dance battle; Monica and Elliot dance to “Starlight” by Muse. Kat thanks Nick for making the evening happen, and he tells Kat he hopes that she and Elliot can make it work. Nick tells her that Elliot came to visit him on the boat; he was miserable and cut his trip short to come and win Kat back. Nick realizes Kat didn’t know this information and asks her to forget about it.

At Del’s house, Sam peruses Del’s record collection as Del gets them wine. Del tells him it’s Colton’s collection, and Sam says he should have asked first. He asks Del to dance, and Del has a flashback to dancing with Colton. When she feels lightheaded, she goes outside to get fresh air. While there, Del has a flashback to Colton explaining he didn’t get the loan, but Del reminds them they’ll be happy with what they have and build their nest egg. Colton says they have their whole lives to plan their legacy.

In 2007 at Lingermore, party chaos has fully broken out. Alice sees Young Kat and Elliot having a conversation and listens in; Kat says it’s not that she doesn’t love Brady, but she feels like her whole life has been mapped out for her. She tells Elliot that she just got accepted into a competitive graduate journalism program in London. Kat was trying to tell Brady, but instead left her ring, packed up her things, and came home to Port Haven. Kat wonders if she made the biggest mistake, but Elliot tells Kat she has to go to the program. Kat tells Elliot to come with her to the UK, where they can start their lives over and be whoever they want to be. When Elliot says he’s in, Kat wants to leave tonight, and Elliot says he’ll have Nick help him shut the party down. Kat will go home and pack, and they’ll meet at midnight to drive to the airport. They hug as they leave to enact the plan.

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Back in present day, Del comes inside the house to Sam. Sam gives Del a check; he read her proposal for her plan for the land and found it inspiring, and he wants to be involved. Sam slides the check to her, and Del has a flashback of Young Kat pushing a check towards her. Del tells Sam that she doesn’t care what he calls it, but she’s not taking his money. Sam tells her to not let her pride get in the way of something good, and Del tells Sam he doesn’t know her and should stop acting like he does. Sam says he overstepped and he apologizes before leaving.

At Elliot’s house, Elliot, Kat, Nick and Monica dance and drink more. Claire calls Nick and the group tells him to answer; Monica takes Nick to a quieter room to talk to Claire. On the couch, Kat tells Elliot that she’s trying to figure out where they stand, and Elliot says it depends on what’s going on with this ‘Thomas’ guy. Kat says nothing happened with Thomas, and that Elliot doesn’t have the right to ask, because he ended them. Monica enters, gathers her items to leave, and encourages Elliot to go after Kat.

In 2007, Alice searches the party for Elliot, and Young Kat bumps into her; she recognizes Alice. Kat tells Alice about her plan to run away to London with Elliot, and Alice worries about Brady, almost calling him her dad. Young Brady enters the party looking for Kat as Elliot works to shut down the party. Alice tells Elliot that the rules of time travel must be broken because none of this is supposed to be happening. Alice begs Elliot to let Brady win, because if Kat leaves with Elliot, she doesn’t know what will happen to her. Elliot says that Kat wants to be with him now, and he’s sorry, but he’s not missing his chance again. Kat and Brady’s fight moves outside, and Elliot tries to intervene, but Kat tells him to go inside.

In present day, Elliot follows Kat outside; she asks him to go back in. Elliot wonders if he’ll always be Kat’s second choice, and Kat says she doesn’t know how she’s supposed to choose him when he won’t tell her how he feels. They keep missing their moment, and Elliot wonders if they’re better as friends. Kat asks if that’s what Elliot really wants, and he approaches her and kisses her.

Back in 2007, Elliot tries to get Brady to back off, but Brady hits Elliot’s face, knocking his glasses off. The crowd encourages the fight to continue.

In present day, Nick is on the phone with Claire; he asks for her location as he wants to come meet her. As he grabs paper to write on, he sees Elliot’s notes in his old notebooks, detailing Alice’s time travel through the pond. Nick exits Elliot’s house and interrupts Elliot and Kat kissing, wielding Elliot’s journals and asking Elliot to explain.

In 2007 at the party, Brady pushes Elliot and goads him on to fight. As Elliot swings to hit Brady, he accidentally hits Kat, landing her in the pool, face down and bleeding.