Recap: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Episode 3

Alice falls in love with the past and has her first kiss. Kat starts a job at the local paper. Del deals with bittersweet memories attached to Colton's boat.

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Alice is up early with the sun. She tells Kat and Del that there’s something about Port Haven that has her in a great mood. They believe it must be a boy or something, but they later conclude perhaps she’s just finding her place in her new town.

Outside, Del notices two locals, Harvey and Elaine, are admiring the aging family boat. They want to buy it from Del, but she’s hesitant to sell. In the moment, she has flashbacks of old times enjoying the boat with her late husband and family. Back to reality, with pain in her eyes, she considers again that maybe it is time to let the boat go. The memories are too hurtful to hold onto.

In 1999, Alice exits the pond and finds a backpack that teen Elliot left her. It’s filled with essentials, including clothing and a Casio watch to track the times of her visit. She approaches the farm and is met with Jacob who is excited to share that the family got a new boat. Teen Kat tells Alice to meet her upstairs in her room. There Alice witnesses Teen Kat making a mixtape on a stereo as they listen to Britney Spears’ debut single "...Baby One More Time."

When Alice finds Teen Kat’s favorite book, “Alice in Wonderland,” she shares her favorite quotes from it. Teen Elliot interrupts them to introduce them to a brand-new way to communicate with the world—the internet.

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Outside, the family is working to get their new boat in top shape by cleaning it. Teen Kat introduces Alice to Jacob’s best friend since birth, Danny. Alice is blissful watching her family, younger and in much happier times.

Back in the present, Elliot meets Kat at the local café. He convinces her to take a job at The Herald while she works on her new book. She heads to the office to pitch herself and reminds Byron that she used to work with the newspaper as a kid. To her delight, he hires her.

In 1999, the family is still gathered outdoors enjoying the sunset. Colton starts playing on his guitar and asks Alice to join in. Although she’s reluctant, he tells her no one is going to judge her. She begins to play and sing. Teen Kat asks her to stay for dinner, but she declines because she has to get back.

In 2023, Kat tells Del she got a job at The Herald. Alice walks in damp and they wonder why. Her cover story is that she got caught in a sun shower. Del tells them to help her clean out the boat as she is selling it. Alice is upset that Del is selling off the boat, since she just witnessed the family two decades ago cherishing it.

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At The Herald, Byron gives her a tour and shows her to her desk. She pitches stories to him, but he already has an assignment for her in mind that she is not excited about.

At school, Spencer invites Alice to his birthday party. She tells him she has somewhere to go first but she’ll be there. She sends a text to her mother to let her know.

Back at The Herald, Byron tells Kat there’s no passion in the article that she turned in. Kat contemplates if the job is for her. Byron challenges her to prove that Port Haven means something to her and sends her off to try again.

Alice returns to 1999 and Teen Elliot tells her she missed the whole summer, but for her it’s only been one day. She worries that Teen Kat will be upset with her for not visiting all summer. She apologizes to Kat, who thought Alice disappeared on purpose. They resolve the misunderstanding and Kat fills Alice in on the beach party happening later that night.

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At the beach, Alice meets Teen Monica, Spencer’s mom. She also meets Nick, a handsome musician with whom she has an instant connection.

In present day, Rita meets Del for dinner. Byron stops by to drop off keys for Kat and ends up staying for dinner. Del finds out Rita told the locals about the boat for sale. She believed it was time for Del to sell it and move on. Del is upset that Rita thinks she can tell her what to do with her memories. Rita is shocked that Del’s anger is the thanks she gets for letting Del cry on her shoulder all those years. Byron tries to mediate before Rita walks out.

Kat is back at the local café, writing. She bonds with Monica over drinks. They discuss their kids and their teenage years. Suddenly, Andy walks in for coffee and leaves. Kat eyes him with interest. When he leaves, Monica encourages Kat to consider dating again.

In 1999, Alice is having a blast at the beach party. She shares a conversation about music with Nick. He’s reluctant to play music for her, but she tells him no one is going to judge him. He plays, then she plays and sings Britney Spears. Her alarm goes off from her Casio watch, it’s time to go. When police arrive to shut down the party, Alice separates from the group and hides away with Nick. They share a kiss. Teen Elliot interrupts and reminds Alice she needs to leave now. She decides against it because she’s having a good time.

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As Alice sleeps over with Teen Kat, they trade secrets. Teen Kat discusses her love interest, Brady, Alice’s future father. When Alice tells her she can time travel, Kat laughs it off.

In present day, Alice is back at the farm. She receives text messages from Spencer asking if she’s coming to the party. She tells him she got sick. Kat walks in and asks her how the party was, she lies and tells her it was great. Kat apologizes to her for being out of it lately and tells Alice she’s doing great in Port Haven.

In the kitchen, Del tells Alice the boat is cleaned up and ready to sell. Alice asks her again not to sell the boat. Outside, Del recalls the good times she had with the family and the boat. Kat tells Del she doesn’t need to sell off everything from the past to heal.

Kat is writing at the café when Andy introduces himself. They exchange numbers and he leaves. Spencer comes in and reveals Alice never came to his party. Kat becomes suspicious.

Back at home, Del tells Alice and Kat she will not sell the boat. Del tells Alice she must clean it if they keep it.

Alice heads to the pond to get back to 1999. When Kat witnesses her jump into the pond, she jumps in after her and never floats back up.