Recap: How to Save a Life - Season 2 - Episode 6

The Landry women reach an emotional climax as Kat works to conjure up a rescue, while Alice sees Del through a wave of grief as old wounds are opened.

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In 1814, Kat, Susanna and Elijah are in shambles on the beach, reeling from Jacob being dragged away by soldiers upon his return to Port Haven. Susanna blames Thomas Coyle and believes that Jacob was likely taken to jail by the king’s soldiers. Elijah tells them to go after them, and on their way, Susanna asks Thomas to tell the truth to her and Kat. Thomas reveals that he had Jacob skim rum from the top of his illegal rum shipment he was in on with Cyrus, to the British, in return for Jacob’s safe passage home. Kat says that she’ll never forgive Thomas, and Susanna claims she knew about Thomas’s business dealings, but not Jacob’s involvement.

At the prison, the guard says that no Jacob or police have been there, and Susanna believes they’ve taken Jacob directly to the crown to hand him over. Susanna says that Kat needs to go home, as she can find answers for them in the present. Kat then remembers the execution records that Casey Goodwin found at the Herald and runs back to the pond.

In the present-day Landry house, Alice joins Del in the kitchen and they talk about their nights. Del gets a phone call from the police, and they tell her they found something up the coast that they believe might be Jacob. Del tells Alice they used to get calls like this all the time, but none were useful; they just have to wait and see. Del offers to take Alice to school, but she says Elliot offered to take her. Alice goes over to Elliot’s and tells him about the phone call Del just received.

In the kitchen, Del has a flashback to sitting morosely at the table with Colton and Young Kat. The phone rings, and Colton gets up to get it as he believes it might be a lead on Jacob. He tells them that a Landry never gives up hope as he answers the phone.

In present day at Elliot’s house, Alice asks him if they should tell Del that it can’t be Jacob that the police found. Elliot tells Alice that there is no truth yet, and wonders if Del would even believe them. He says that they can’t tell her as they can’t get her hopes up that Kat is going to bring Jacob back, either. Alice gets a text from Kat; she’s back in the present and at the Herald, and Elliot and Alice head to meet her there.

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At the Herald, Kat finds the town’s execution records; she flips through the booklet and seems relieved. Elliot and Alice arrive at the Herald and ask Kat if she found Jacob, and she tells them how he was arrested by soldiers upon his arrival. Kat gets a phone call from the Herald’s printer, and she knows the deadline on the Founder’s Day edition is tonight. She has to complete the layout by that evening to get it out on time, and Elliot and Alice say they will handle the paper so that Kat can go back to 1814 for Jacob.

At the Landry house, Del works on her pottery as Kat enters. Kat says she has to pull an all-nighter to get the Founder’s Day edition out, and Del wonders how she can write a paper on an event she was barely there for. Kat goes upstairs to Jacob’s room, and she sees the polaroid pictures that Young Jacob took out on his dresser. She looks at one in particular that he took of a key on the ground with a ‘G’ on it next to his red shoes. Kat has flashbacks to Cyrus Goodwin grabbing her arm in 1814 and the ‘G’ on his ring. She thinks back to Casey Goodwin holding the Founder’s Day ribbon pin that had the same ‘G’ on it, and recalls Adult Jacob being dragged away at the beach and the ‘G’ symbol on the boot of the soldier that arrested him. She realizes that this ‘G’ is the Goodwin family emblem, and that Cyrus Goodwin’s men are the ones who took Jacob. Kat digs in boxes at the Landry house and finds the key with the ‘G’ on it that Young Jacob found when he was a child.

In Alice’s room at the Landry house, Kat tells Alice about the key and all the places she saw the Goodwin ‘G.’ She believes Cyrus had his men dress as British soldiers and take Jacob, because it must have been Cyrus’s ship that Thomas had Jacob steal from. Kat says she’s so close, but Alice tells her that she can’t go back now because of the police phone call to Del. Kat says she has to go as it might already be too late, and she asks Alice to look after her grandma while she’s gone. Downstairs, Kat sees Del reorganizing the kitchen trying to keep busy. Kat brings up the phone call Del received and remembers the fruitless phone calls they used to get in the past. Kat tells Del she has to get back to work on the paper; she hugs Del, tells her it’s going to be okay, and heads back to the pond.

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Back in 1814, Kat arrives to the Landry house. Susanna asks if she found anything, and Kat tells her that she believes she knows who took Jacob. Just then, Thomas arrives and says that it was Goodwin’s men who took Jacob. Kat accuses Thomas of knowing the soldiers’ plan and letting Jacob take the fall for his actions. She realizes she told Thomas when Jacob was coming home and accuses him of alerting Cyrus to Jacob’s arrival. Thomas assures them he does not get on with soldiers, and that he believes Jacob is alive and imprisoned somewhere in Cyrus’s house. Thomas knows that Jacob will be under lock and key, a key that Kat just so happens to have.

In present day in the Landry kitchen, Alice tells Del she has to get back to work on a science project, but that she’s only a phone call away if Del needs her. Del has a flashback to the past again, when she received a phone call about Jacob in the Landry kitchen. The person on the other end claims to be a psychic, saying that they think they saw Jacob drowning in water and calling for Del. Del begs them to stop speaking, as Colton takes the phone from Del and tells them never to call again.

Back in present day after her memories of the past, Del heads outside and runs into Sam having some trouble getting his horse, Stormy, back into his trailer. Del helps assuage the stubborn horse, but hears the phone ring from inside and runs to get it. The call is spam, and Del tells them not to call again. Sam enters the Landry house and asks Del what’s going on; Del tells him that the phone calls are about something that happened to her family a long time ago. He says he knows about it, and that he’ll be there for her whenever she needs him. Sam recognizes that Del and his horse have a special bond, and he asks if she’d like to keep him and he’ll continue to pay. Del agrees, and asks if Sam would like to stay for a glass of wine.

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Back in 1814, Thomas tells Susanna and Kat that he’ll need time at the Goodwin estate to find Jacob. He asks Susanna if she has drugs that will work on Cyrus’s men, and she says she only has Jimsonweed: it can knock a person out, but it doesn’t kill and it’s unreliable. Kat doesn’t trust Thomas and wants to do it without him, but he claims they need him as he knows Cyrus’s men. Susanna says she’ll distract and occupy Cyrus during the mission, as she was once his betrothed. They wonder if Cyrus being scorned and rejected is part of the reason Jacob was captured. They realize that all three of them need to be involved with the rescue – Thomas is to drug Cyrus’s men with his Jimsonweed-infused rum and keep watch, Susanna is to distract and occupy Cyrus, and Kat is to find Jacob on the Goodwin grounds using the key she has. Thomas says that if Cyrus’s men find a stranger, they will kill on site, so Kat decides to dress like Susanna.

In present day at the Herald, Elliot and Alice struggle with the paper’s layout program as they work to get the Founder’s Day edition out for Kat. Alice finds an old paper from 2007 about Jacob, and flips through it to an article about teens trashing the Goodwin’s Lingermore estate. Elliot says it happened the fall after he graduated college: kids apparently wrecked the estate in a party gone wrong. He says he only worked for Evelyn in the summer and doesn’t know much about it, and quickly changes the subject back to the paper they’re working on. Alice puts the paper she found about Lingermore in her backpack.

At the Landry house, Del says goodnight to Sam after their glass of wine. He thanks her again for keeping his horse Stormy and wishes her all the best. In the kitchen alone, Del recalls sitting at the table with Young Kat when the phone rang. Kat picks it up, asks the caller to not call again, and tells Del that they’re at least receiving less calls like that.

Del comes back to in the present as Alice enters the kitchen. Alice tells Del that things will get better, and asks why Del doesn’t get rid of the phone. Del tells Alice that she thought Jacob’s memorial would bring closure, but she will always have questions and there will always be calls. She says that they kept the landline phone as it’s the only number Jacob knew, and they thought he might want to call them sometime.

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In 1814, Thomas arrives at Cyrus Goodwin’s estate with a basket of rum. Cyrus’s men tell him that he wants Thomas’s head on a pike, but Thomas assures them that he’s there to make amends. He shares rum from his own private stock that unbeknownst to them is tainted with Jimsonweed. Susanna arrives to the Goodwins to see Cyrus, and his guard brings her to him with a cup of rum. Kat arrives to the estate disguised as Susanna, and Thomas lets her in the back and sends her downstairs where he believes Jacob is. In Cyrus’s room, Susanna says she is there to share supper to share with him, and his guard hands him the rum. Downstairs, Kat navigates the tunnels in the Goodwin estate with a lantern, looking for Jacob. A guard finds Kat and knows that she isn’t Susanna; just then, Susanna hits him over the head, knocking him out. Kat and Susanna then look for Jacob together, as Susanna knows the tunnels well because her father and Thomas used to use them for smuggling.

In the main room at Cyrus’s, Thomas sees all of the men passed out from the rum. Upstairs, Cyrus awakes from his Jimsonweed rum stupor and stumbles into the tunnels looking for Susanna. Kat and Susanna trick Cyrus as they pretend to be two of the same person dressed the same, and he believes he’s seeing double. He accuses Susanna of being a witch, and they successfully get away from him to keep looking for Jacob. Susanna goes to find Thomas as Kat finds a locked door in the tunnels. She uses the ‘G’ key she found to open it, and it works. Kat enters to find Jacob badly whipped and beaten inside.

In present day in the Landry house, Del gets another phone call. She runs downstairs to answer it, and Alice follows soon after. Del tells Alice that the caller told her that what they found was not Jacob. Del says she shouldn’t have gotten her hopes up, but she just wants answers. Del says that she’s been tormented by these calls and feels awful for the way she reacted to them in the past, to Young Kat in particular. She asks Alice to hold her and not to leave.

In 1814, Kat tends to Jacob as Susanna finds Thomas. Thomas relays that Cyrus’s men are conscious and they need to get Jacob out of here. Kat says she will be the decoy because Cyrus needs to see that it was her to protect Susanna and Thomas. Kat relays that she has a safe place to go, so Thomas goes back to Cyrus’s men, and Cyrus tells his them to find Susanna. Cyrus then sees Kat at the front of the estate, and calls her witch for stealing Susanna’s face. He sends his men after her – “The Woman in White” – and they chase Kat to the pond’s edge. Kat unknowingly drops the Goodwin ‘G’ key while she runs through the woods; she says, “I’ll be back for you Jacob, I promise,” before jumping into the pond and disappearing. Thomas and the other men stare, perplexed, at the pond that Kat disappeared into.

In the 1990s, a Young Jacob comes across the dropped Goodwin ‘G’ key on the ground in the woods near the Landry house. He points his polaroid camera down and takes a picture of the key next to his red shoes.