Recap: Here Without You - Season 2 - Episode 9

All three Landry women feel the absence of a key ally in their lives as they struggle to make life-altering decisions and choices.

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At the Lingermore masquerade party in 2007, Kat is face down injured in the pool as Brady jumps in to rescue her; Elliot calls 911. Later at Elliot’s house, Nick tries to calm Elliot down. Elliot says this wasn’t supposed to happen and he’s changed things. Nick asks Elliot to explain, but Elliot shoves him and punches a hole in the wall.

In present day, Nick tries to get Elliot to talk to him and explain the booklet of time travel notes. Kat can’t believe Elliot knew all about Alice’s trips back then, and Nick can’t believe that Kat’s kid and his Alice are the same person.

As Del reviews the Goodwin’s land offer, she has a flashback to sitting in bed with Colton and Young Jacob. Jacob shows a map of what he plans to grow on the land when he becomes a farmer; he wants to turn the pond into a big fish tank, but Colton reminds him that the pond is off-limits.

At the hospital in 2007, Alice finds a Young Kat recovering. Kat isn’t awake, but Alice tells her she’s so sorry. Alice is worried about what will happen to them, and tells Kat she’s brave and needs to fight. Young Brady speaks to a doctor outside and Alice hides while Brady sits at Kat’s bedside.

In present day at the Landry house, Brady tells Kat that he called and left messages that he was coming. Del sent him the land sales agreement to review, and he wanted to come deal with it in person. Del comes downstairs and hugs Brady. Brady asks to see Alice, and Kat says Alice is at a sleepover with friends. He asks if they can do dinner, and she says yes, maybe.

Back at Elliot’s, Nick works to unpack Alice’s time travel. Nick wonders why Elliot let him fall for Alice when he knew the truth the whole time, but Elliot knows Nick wouldn’t have believed him.

In 2007, Kat finally wakes up in the hospital bed and tells Brady that the last thing she remembers is talking to Elliot at the party. The doctor enters and tells Kat that she and the baby are just fine; Kat and Brady learn she is pregnant with Alice. Brady asks Kat if she will marry him for real this time, and Alice watches from a nearby room. Kat tells Brady she had a dream about her friend Alice and if it’s a girl, Kat wants to name her Alice. Alice turns around and sees Young Elliot waiting with flowers, and after he sees them, he leaves.

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Back in present day at the Landry house, Elliot tells Kat how she and Alice spoke at the Lingermore party in 2007. Kat doesn’t remember seeing Alice there, and tells Elliot that she needs to get back to Alice. Kat jumps in the pond, but ends up back in 1814 instead of 2007. Thomas Coyle is waiting at the pond’s edge as Susanna and Jacob approach. Susanna relays that Thomas offered Cyrus his services in full to spare Jacob’s life so they don’t have to live in hiding. Jacob thanks Kat for the lengths she went through to save him.

At Elliot’s house in present day, Alice passes by and Elliot asks about her trip. She tells him everything has changed and that she needs to find her mom. Alice can’t believe Elliot tried to erase her, and she tells him she’s never speaking to him again.

In 1814 at the Landry house, Jacob reunites with Elijah Landry and his whole family. Elijah thanks Thomas and Kat.

In present day, Alice frantically texts her mom; Brady enters and Alice wonders where her mom is. Brady tells Alice he’s concerned that Kat isn’t putting Alice first. Alice questions Brady about whether he and Kat got married solely because Kat was pregnant with her. They had to sacrifice so much for her, like Kat’s graduate school in London. Brady tells Alice he doesn’t know what would have happened if she didn’t come along, but she did.

In 1814 at the Landry house, Kat observes to Susanna that Jacob has a beautiful life here. Kat tells Susanna that she is a Landry, and that Jacob grew up on this land in her time. Kat reveals that this is the same home she lives in in present day, with the same fireplace. Elijah enters and asks for a word with Katherine.

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In present day at the pond, Elliot tries to talk to Nick, who is pondering by the water’s edge. He tells Elliot that after everything they’ve been through, Nick feels like he doesn’t know Elliot at all. Nick thinks Elliot kept the information about Alice’s time travel to himself to feel smarter and more superior than others, just like his father, Victor.

In 1814, Elijah asks Kat what happens next now that Jacob has returned. Kat questions Elijah about Jacob’s hidden shoe that she found, and Elijah brings up the 1814 almanac. He tells Kat that he wanted to record everything: births, deaths, etc. Kat wonders why Jacob wasn’t listed in here as Elijah’s son, and Elijah tells Kat that Jacob is their fairytale, and his story demands more than one line. He shows Kat the story he wrote down of Jacob’s arrival to them. Rebecca thought the pond granted her wish of a son when theirs died, and she hid his clothing and brought Jacob home. Rebecca only told Elijah the truth of finding Jacob on her death bed, and when Kat arrived in 1814, it all made sense to Elijah. He fears now that Kat is trying to take Jacob home with her. Jacob enters and hears them; he’s appalled that Elijah and Rebecca knew this whole time and kept it a secret from him. Jacob rips Elijah’s writing from the almanac, the same almanac that currently sits in the Landry house present day with a ripped-out page.

Back at the Landry house in present day, Del sits with Fynn and looks through old items in her room. She finds a drawing done by Young Jacob and has a flashback to talking with him about his ‘momma mail.’ He says he calls it that because he’s sending her a message to let her know that he’s here and he loves her.

At the pond in 1814, Kat sits with Jacob as he recalls Del and Colton and how they loved to dance. Kat tells Jacob that he is the reason why Landrys even settled and stayed in Port Haven, and it’s the reason why they even have a family. Jacob says the pond was calling him, even though he knew he wasn’t allowed to go near it. Kat asks Jacob to come home with her; she tells him that Del has been waiting for so long. Jacob asks about their dad, and Kat tells him that he looked for him until the end. Jacob says he isn’t coming home; he’s spent his life in the 1800s and he belongs there. If he jumps and sees the other place, he doesn’t know what will happen. He tells her to visit and spend time here with him, but that has to be enough. Susanna approaches then. Kat wonders what to tell Del, and Jacob says she will understand – he’ll make sure of it.

Jacob heads back home and writes on the ripped-out almanac, “The explorer found a home, but he still looks to the stars when he feels lost.” He wants Del to see it as a letter to her to let her know that he’s here and he loves her.

In the woods, Susanna asks Kat what it’s like in her time, and if the women there are more like Kat. Susanna wants to go with Kat in Jacob’s place, and they hold hands and jump in together. However, the pond doesn’t take them to the future.

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Back at the Landry house in 1814, Kat and Susanna dry off; Kat apologizes that the pond wouldn’t take them. Susanna says she won’t question the pond’s magic, and Kat tells her that she herself is magic. Susanna assures Kat that she’s given her friendship, kindness, and inspiration, and it’s been a fairytale, but Kat wonders how Susanna will get her own fairytale ending. Susanna says she won’t let Jacob marry her as it would be unfair to both of them. She tells Kat that the more she sees of this world, the more she is convinced she will never find a man whom she can really love. She will be “a mistress of herself,” a quote from her favorite book, “Sense and Sensibility,” by an unnamed female author. Susanna says this book makes her want to write, but she wants her name on it and for the world to know who she is, and because of Kat, she knows that this is possible. Kat says that she needs what they have in her time, but Susanna says she can miss her, then. And when Kat does miss her, to go to the fireplace; it will be their constant amidst change. Kat holds Susanna’s hands as Susanna says their hands will touch through time.

Thomas walks Kat back to the pond as she thanks him for keeping Jacob safe. Kat tells Thomas that part of her heart is here now, and Thomas asks to carry part of her heart with him. They say goodbye.

In present day, Kat enters the Landry house, and she and Alice hug and reunite while Brady looks on. Upstairs later, Kat and Alice catch up in Alice’s room as they get ready for bed. Kat doesn’t know how to tell Del about Jacob. She also wants Alice to know that having her was the best choice she made, and Elliot does care very much for Alice, despite what he did when he was younger. Alice asks why Del and Kat didn’t talk after Lingermore, but Kat doesn’t give an answer.

In the Landry kitchen the next morning, Alice wants to talk about Lingermore with Del and Kat, but they don’t. Alice leaves, and Kat questions Del about why she cares so much what the Goodwins think of them. She tells Del that just because the Goodwins kept their name out of the papers when the 2007 Lingermore event happened, it doesn’t mean Del still owes Evelyn. Del has a flashback to meeting Evelyn at The Point Café to discuss the 2007 party; Evelyn tells Del she’s pressing charges against Kat and Elliot, and Del pleads with her not to. She says they’re young and this will ruin their futures; she asks Evelyn not to do it, for Colton, and Evelyn agrees. As she leaves, Evelyn tells Del that she owes her now, as if she didn’t already.

At Elliot’s house, Elliot tells Nick he’s been thinking about what he said to him at the pond. Nick apologizes, and says he can’t stay to help with the renovation as he has to get back to Claire. Elliot tells Nick he misses Colton, who was the father he never had, and took him for granted. Elliot tells Nick he’s not going to take their friendship for granted.

In the Landry kitchen, Brady confesses to Kat that he was going to ask Alice to come back with him to Minneapolis. But Brady knows that the bond between mother and daughter is strong, and tells Kat she’s a great mom. Brady wonders why Kat didn’t tell him about London when they were younger, and Kat tells him that her life changed in that hospital room.

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In 2007, Alice watches as Elliot greets Kat coming home from the hospital. Kat tells Elliot that she doesn’t remember much and that she and Brady are leaving soon; she apologizes and says goodbye to Elliot. Kat and Brady go to speak with Del, but Del gets a call and Kat sends Brady to the car. Del tells Kat that she spoke to Evelyn Goodwin and made sure that she won’t press charges. Kat gives Del a check from Brady’s parents for her to keep the farm. Del wonders if this means Kat’s coming home, but she tells Del her life is in Minneapolis, and Del rejects the money. Del says that Jacob should be here, and that it should have been Jacob fighting to save the farm. With that, Kat takes Colton’s guitar and leaves. Brady asks if she told Del about the baby. When Kat says Del doesn’t deserve to know her, Del overhears it.

At Elliot’s, Alice apologizes to Elliot and forgives him now that she saw what happened. Elliot reveals that Adult Nick is there and he knows everything about her time travel. Nick tells Alice that he only ever thought about how hard it was for him, not her, and he wishes someone told him. Alice feels like her timing and age is always off, and Nick tells her she deserves to find someone here in her own time. As Alice leaves, she tells Nick that it wasn’t such a terrible thing, and the night at The Cove meant a lot to her.

At the Landry’s on the porch, Del signs the Goodwin’s land agreement. Alice tells Del how she knows what pulled her and Kat apart back then. Del tells Alice that she didn’t mean the words she said to Kat, and that she did everything she could to keep the land back then. Del assures Alice that they will always have this house, the history, and each other. Jacob helped remind Del that land comes and goes, but family is forever.

At Elliot’s, he tells Kat that Nick left after his catch-up with Alice. Over wine, Kat explains to Elliot she wanted to go to London with him, and on that night at Lingermore, she saw Elliot from the staircase and fell a bit in love. She tells him that much like their kiss the other night, it ended before it began, but Elliot tells Kat that he meant that kiss. He wants them to be on the same page with no secrets, so he gives Kat the notes he took on the time travel. Kat tells Elliot she’ll read it, but she already knows how the story ends: Del sells the land and Jacob won’t come home. Kat tells Elliot that she tried to bring Susanna back, since the pond allowed Fynn to travel with a human, but it didn’t work. Elliot tells Kat that Nick said they missed the best part of the ghost tour, when Rita was clinking together chains pretending to be the ghost of an escaped convict who was caught smuggling in the war of 1812. This person was executed by British soldiers, and Kat realizes this must be Thomas.

At the Herald, Kat scours the records with Elliot – she wonders if the clinking chains Rita mentioned were actually coins, like Thomas was always fiddling with. Kat finds a ‘T. Coyle’ in the execution records and makes to leave; Elliot reminds her that she can’t stop this, but Kat wants to at least say goodbye to Thomas.