Recap: Hanging By A Moment - Season 2 - Episode 2

Del considers the future of Landry Farm in the present, Kat searches for answers through the past, and Alice tries to make peace with Elliot in both.

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In the year 2000, Alice resurfaces from the pond in a panic, desperately screaming for Kat. Teen Elliot sees her, and she tells him she shouldn’t be there. She dives back in and returns to the present. There is still no Kat in sight.

Alice runs to Elliot’s house to tell him the pond separated her from Kat. Elliot assures her Kat will be fine.

Meanwhile, in the year 1814, a man carries Kat’s limp body through the woods.

In 2024, outside the Landry farmhouse, Del is sifting dirt through her fingers. Colton appears and tells her the Landry soil is good and it will be a good year.

At Elliot’s, Alice - still concerned about her mom and seeking help - shares the new theory about Jacob with Elliot. Elliot is confused as to why Kat didn’t share it with him herself. Alice suggests it’s because he abandoned them. She realizes she no longer wants Elliot’s help and will find Kat on her own.

In 1814, two shadowy figures - a man and a woman - talk over Kat’s body as she lies on a cot, fighting a fever and delirium from the bullet wound. When they leave the room, Kat sits up trying to focus. She calls for Alice and tries to escape, but ends up fainting.

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Back in the present in the Landry kitchen, Alice covers for her mom and tells Del that Kat had to leave town. Del wonders if Alice is excited for her summer trip to Minneapolis. Alice shares that she’s stressed.

Brady calls Alice, excited about her trip. Alice pretends to be excited too. When Brady asks for Kat, Alice truthfully tells him she doesn’t know where she is.

Back in 1814, Kat tosses and turns on the cot while a woman nurses her with cold cloths. A man enters the room and tells the woman to keep a better eye on Kat. A weak Kat calls for Alice again.

In 2024, Del is confused that Kat has been “away” for a while. Alice covers for her mom again.

Del sits in Elliot’s living room, enjoying tea. She wants to turn the farm property that she’s been leasing into a communal farm. She wants Elliot’s help on a business proposal to the town council, and he agrees. Elliot tells her he visited his dad in Mexico and not much has changed with him.

Alice exits the pond in the year 2000. She visits teen Elliot for comfort, yet she’s met with horror. He doesn’t want to see her and asks her to leave. He expresses that since she’s arrived, his whole world crumbled – Jacob went missing, Colton died and even Kat moved. She runs back to the pond, but it rejects her. Later, teen Elliot finds Alice at the cove. He apologizes. They say their goodbyes, and Alice apologizes in return.

In 1814, Kat pops up from her cot in a panic. She realizes she’s feeling better and is determined now to get to Alice. She bolts and takes off outside. Nearby, a sign reads, “The Point General Store 1795.” A man named Cyrus Goodwin tries to stop Kat, only for a woman to rescue her on her horse. They gallop away.

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As the woman lets Kat off her horse in the woods, they are both cautious. Kat learns that this mysterious woman who cared for her and gave her a ride is Susanna Augustine, Elliot’s ancestor. Kat still has Alice on her mind and asks Susanna if she’s seen a second person with her. Susanna tells her she wasn’t at the scene when she was shot. Thomas was, and he mistook her for a deer.

Susanna takes Kat to the pond and tells her it would be better if she was disguised as a man; traveling alone during the war isn’t smart. Kat realizes she’s in 1814. In addition to calling for Alice while recovering from the wound, Susanna reminds Kat that she was also calling for Jacob. Susanna gets defensive, demanding to know what Kat wanted with him. Kat realizes Susanna has Jacob with her now but doesn’t reveal that she’s his sister from the future. Susanna tells Kat he is on the Landry Farm with his family and he is happy. After Kat learns that he’s doing well, she is emotional and takes off.

In the present, Alice and Kat resurface together from the pond and tearfully reunite. Alice learns that Kat knows where Jacob is. Back at the farm, Kat tells Del not to be angry. She also shares that she’s going to the Lingermore estate sale with Alice. At the sale, they purchase the “My Katherine 1814” portrait. Alice encourages Kat to take another trip to find out more about it. Elliot walks in and Kat lies to him about where she was. When he walks out, Alice tells Kat she had to share the secret that she time-traveled because she was in a panic. Kat notices a pistol on the desk and purchases it.

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Elliot takes a stroll through the estate and experiences memories from the past. Del walks up and startles him. She tells him that she appreciates the help on the proposal.

In the living room, Del stumbles upon a book titled “The Founding of Port Haven,” written by Elliot’s ancestor, Samuel. Del smiles. It’s the same edition Colton had. Kat and Alice run into Del, who explains she decided to come after all. Del notices Kat found something to buy – the portrait. Kat lies and tells her it’s an archival piece for The Herald. Del heads out, leaving Elliot and Alice together. Alice storms out, annoyed. Elliot follows her.

Elliot apologizes to her and wonders if Kat found Jacob on her trip. Alice tells Elliot to decide if he’s in or out of their lives. After Alice questions him about the past, Elliot realizes he can’t be in their lives; it’s too much to handle.

At the Landry farm, Del stands in the field, disappointed the council turned down her proposal. She takes a deep breath and gets lost in her imagination. Colton is standing with her. He wants her to tell Kat, don’t repeat the past, and to let go of pride. He disappears as the unknown horse appears. Del walks towards it but it gallops away.

At the Herald, Kat places the old pistol on a shelf. Del enters and notices Kat’s research papers on her desk. Kat tells her she’s writing a book about the Landry family history. Impressed, Del wishes her luck. This prompts her to change her mind about telling Kat about the farm troubles.

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Alice is outside the Landry front porch when a truck pulls up. It’s Hank. He’s there to share his guilt over the farm news with Del but Alice tells him she’s not home. Alice is shocked. Later, on a video call with Brady, Alice shares she’s staying at the farm for the summer. Del enters and learns Alice is not going away. Del accepts this and shares a present with Alice. It’s a book from the estate sale: “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” They smile.

In Kat’s room, Kat questions Alice about changing her mind on the trip. Alice declares that she wants to stay in Port Haven. Kat is thrown when she learns that Alice time-traveled to 2000, which Elliot knew and didn’t tell her.

Kat goes to Elliot’s to question him. He says he chose not to share the full truth because she lied, too. Finally, he tells her the reason he left was because he couldn’t deal with Colton’s death and her involvement in it, since he was like a father to him. Kat is rocked by this news, and she tells Elliot that she will fix this.

The next morning, Alice is on the front porch reading as a determined Kat departs for the pond, wearing Susanna’s jacket. Kat gives Alice a hug goodbye. When Kat exits the pond, she sees a little boy who looks exactly like Jacob running through the woods. She chases after him.