Recap: Don't Dream It's Over - Episode 5

Kat chaperones a school dance and reconnects with Brady. Alice wants Nick to find her in the future. Del says goodbye to more memories as a landmark closes.

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Alice heads downstairs, only to be surprised to see Brady cooking breakfast for Del and Kat. He tells Alice he thought he’d surprise her by stopping by the farm. They learn the theater owned by Joyce and Jude is closing for good. Rita and Del are throwing them a retirement party. Their son Nick, who Alice dated in the past, will be there. In the present day, he is pushing 40. Brady asks Alice to play hooky to hang out and she declines to study for upcoming exams. When Brady asks Del to go out for the day, she too declines. Del warns Brady not to interfere as Kat and Alice are finally finding their stride in Port Haven.

As Brady gives Alice a ride to school, Kat joins them. Alice is still fixated on the idea of Nick being 40. After Brady drops them off and departs, Kat confronts Elliot, hung up on the fact that he never told her the time traveling secret. Elliot advises Kat to find the positives in it. Kat wonders if she can change her current circumstances by going to the past to fix them. Elliot tells her it may not be possible.

Del and Rita are at the café planning for the theater retirement party when they are interrupted by Byron. He asks Del out on a date but she declines. Rita and Del join Joyce and Jude at the concession stand as they pack up the theater. There, Del has flashbacks of the good times she shared with Colton.

Back at school, Alice confronts Elliot about not telling her that Nick is coming to town. Elliot says he is old enough to be her father now, so she shouldn’t be so obsessed with his whereabouts. Alice says she was so focused on 1999 Nick that she never considered his life in the present. Alice runs into Spencer and Zoey, who ask if she’s coming to the dance and if she would have a date. She tells them she’s seeing someone named Nick but he won’t make the dance due to family plans.

Back at the theater, Kat and Brady are assisting with the clean-up. Kat finds old fliers of Jacob from when he was first missing.

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In 1999, Kat is fresh out the pond and watching Jacob play with his friend Danny in the woods. When they spot her, they think she’s a witch and run off.

In 2023, Alice runs into Del in the kitchen. Alice asks Del what she thought of her father as a young man, and she replies that he was confident. Alice thinks Del might be confusing that with being pretentious. Del suggests Alice start accepting new beginnings and let go of the past.

The next morning, Brady brings over coffee as Kat is letting Fynn out. He brought it for Alice but Alice is off to school. Kat and Brady decide to enjoy the coffee for themselves and catch up. They discuss Rachel, and how things are not going well between her and Brady. Brady tells Kat she’s been his best friend more than half his life and he misses talking to her. Kat tells him not to mix up missing her as a friend with missing her as a wife.

At school, Alice scrolls through Nick’s Instagram and sees Elliot was his best man in his wedding. Alice bursts into Elliot’s office to confront him about being in Nick’s wedding though he said they lost touch years ago. Elliot admits he lied, and that Alice should not be concerned with him anyway as he is not her age.

In 1999, teen Elliot is telling Alice the same thing, that she should not keep dating Nick because she is not of their time. When teen Elliot leaves for work, Alice begs to come with him to see Nick. Alice admits to teen Elliot that she is not fond of her dad in the present anymore because of what she knows about him in the past.

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Alice sees that teen Brady is over for dinner, and teen Kat begs Alice to stay for the big night. At dinner, the family gets to know teen Brady. He tells them that he feels at home at the farm.

In present day, the family eats dinner without Alice. As the conversation between Elliot and Brady gets tense, Kat tries to interrupt. Del excuses herself to go on a date with Byron.

The two enjoy their first date at The Herald. Del invites him to the theater for the retirement party.

Back in 1999, teen Kat, teen Brady and Alice are in teen Kat’s room. Alice tries to leave but teen Kat begs her to stay. She takes off anyway but steals a glimpse of teen Brady give teen Kat a silver charm bracelet with the initials K+B. Outside she runs into Nick who wants to hang out for a bit. Alice joins him.

In present day, Kat, Brady and Elliot are at dinner. Brady leaves and kisses Kat goodnight. Elliot asks Kat to the high school dance as a chaperone. She agrees to it. She tells Elliot she went back to see Jacob in hopes to talk to him and warn him against the future. Elliot tries to tell her she should just be grateful she could see him again. Kat insists there’s more to it.

In 1999, Alice and Nick enjoy a date at night on the roof of his car. He wants to call her but Alice says that’s not possible because it is complicated. She asks him not to overthink it. Alice writes on the palm of his hand a future date for when they should meet at the Roxy. He shrugs it off and says he’ll see her in the future. They kiss.

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In 2023, Del is prepping for the party. Elliot arrives in a suit ready to go to the dance with Kat. She comes down in a red dress and Elliot is enamored. Brady unexpectedly enters to say goodbye to Alice. Kat thanks him for coming. Brady goes upstairs to see Alice, who tells him that he’s changed since his younger years. He wonders how she knows this. They embrace, Brady noticeably bothered.

At the dance, Alice anticipates only one thing and that is to see Nick. Elliot tells her not to get her hopes up.

At the Roxy, the theater is packed as they watch the slideshow that Rita put together. Byron takes a seat next to Del. The slideshow features a picture of her and Colton in their younger years in love. This memory causes her to cut things off with Byron, who is trying to show affection.

Back at the dance, Kat and Elliot notice that Alice is having a good time, they hope she doesn’t go searching for Nick. As Kat and Elliot slow dance, Brady interrupts. Kat takes the conversation outside. When Brady tells Kat he’s upset that Alice knows his character as a teenager, she wonders who told Alice. Brady accuses Elliot of that. Brady admits to being jealous of Elliot, while Kat admits she was jealous of Rachel. Kat tells him all she ever wanted from him was to be kissed and shown attention. Brady kisses her, and Elliot sees it happen.

At the Roxy, Alice shows up, hoping Nick remembers to meet her there. He doesn’t, and the Roxy closes its doors for good. The stars above appear brighter. Kat gazes at them and thinks of Jacob. She pulls out his poster and stares at it, wondering if she can save him.