Recap: Bring Me to Life - Season 2 - Episode 10

Del, Kat, Alice, and Elliot each receive answers about their past and present, while hope for the future brings new questions.

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In 1814, Kat runs on the beach to Thomas who is awaiting Cyrus and his men. Kat tells Thomas that soldiers are going to kill him, but Thomas tells Kat that he made a trade for his life with Cyrus to save Jacob. He apologizes for shooting Kat at the pond, as he was aiming at Cyrus who was alone in the woods. Kat says it’s all her fault, but Thomas tells her he’s thankful she appeared in his life. As Cyrus and his men come, Thomas pleads for Kat to leave, and asks to still carry that part of her heart in his. He gives her some of his coins to remember him by, and they passionately kiss. Kat runs off back to the pond as she hears a gunshot fired.

In present day at The Herald, Kat has flashbacks to her time spent with Thomas. She sees the pistol on The Herald’s shelf, the one that Cyrus shot Thomas with, and puts it in a box.

At The Point Café as Alice works, Noah approaches and notes that he feels like Monica doesn’t want him there anymore. Alice tells him they don’t know each other, and Noah says he was scared that if they did, she wouldn’t like him. Alice tells him it would have been nice to have a say. As Noah leaves, Casey Goodwin arrives to say hi, and Alice notes that they’ll be seeing more of each other now that their dad bought the land. Alice asks Casey to promise that their family will take good care of it. Casey quickly says they have to go as Elliot enters. Alice tells him that things at home are a mess; he says they can talk about it after her shift, but she needs to talk now.

On the Landry farm, Sam approaches as Del brushes Stormy. Sam mentions wanting to get a new horse, but Del is short with him. Sam wants to move past the silent treatment he’s getting from her, and Del tells Sam that she signed the papers for the Goodwins. She says she thinks she’s happy, and Sam is happy that she’s happy.

Back at The Point, Alice explains to Elliot how she’s seen that her existence was the reason Kat and Del stopped speaking. Elliot tells Alice that she won’t have to wait too long to find out the details.

In 2008, Alice enters Young Elliot’s home; he’s just finished teacher’s school and he’s leaving. Elliot says he hasn’t spoken to Kat since Lingermore and that Del went back home to North Carolina for a few weeks. Kat comes to Elliot’s front door to talk, and Alice hides as Elliot makes himself and Kat some tea.

In present day, Elliot and Kat have tea on his couch. Kat explains how Thomas was executed by Cyrus. She reveals the coins that Thomas gave her, which Elliot is enamored with.

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Back in 2008, Young Kat tells Young Elliot that she was embarrassed after Lingermore, but she wants to fix things with him and Del now. Elliot shares that Del is out of town, and when he asks about the baby, Kat shares a baby picture of Alice. Kat tells him that she doesn’t feel like she does anything right, her career has flatlined, and she feels trapped. Elliot tells Kat that she’s going to be an amazing mother and she will raise an amazing daughter. As Kat leaves, she asks Elliot to give Del a picture of Alice along with a letter and an open plane ticket to Minneapolis. Elliot says he won’t be here to give it to her, so Kat asks Victor, Elliot’s dad. Once Kat leaves, Victor throws the envelope on the hallway desk, lamenting how insulting it is for a Landry to ask an Augustine for a favor. He sees Elliot’s packed car and wonders if Elliot was going to leave without telling him. He tells Elliot there’s no escaping this place because it’s in his blood. As Alice leaves, she whispers goodbye to Elliot.

In present day at the Landry house, Kat enters as Del packs up pottery. Del admits she’s having second thoughts about selling the land, and Kat tells her she will regret it. Kat suggest a loan, but Del says she isn’t going down that road again.

At Adult Elliot’s, Alice enters and gives him a hug, thanking him for what he said to Kat in 2008 about being a good mother. Now she’s trying to figure out when Victor gave Del the picture and plane ticket, because Del didn’t use the ticket. Alice notices Elliot’s open notebook, and he explains that it’s the “Fynn Theory”: Jacob fell into the pond going after Fynn, but Fynn was going after Kat, and Fynn wound up with Kat back in the present. Elliot thinks that perhaps beings can travel back through the pond if they go in tandem with a Landry. But in 1999, Elliot went in after Kat, and he didn’t travel; similarly, Susanna tried to go to the present with Kat in 1814, and it didn’t work. Elliot thinks the pond won’t bring you forward, but it can take you back, as the pond is all about reflection and learning from the past. Alice thinks that Elliot could potentially travel back with her and they should test the theory.

Alice and Elliot head to the pond and jump in; they surface together in 1999. Elliot puts on his glasses and can’t believe the lush green forest of the past that he sees.

In present day, Kat walks alone in the cemetery; she finds Elijah Landry’s headstone. Next to his, she sees Susanna’s. Kat wipes Susanna’s grave off and sees a symbol of a sun in the corner; she has a flashback to the “My Katherine, 1814” painting that has the same sun symbol in the corner.

In 1999, Elliot isn’t sure if he can face the Landrys. They observe Colton working, and Alice encourages him to approach. Adult Elliot and Colton meet, and Colton invites him to help work on the barn lighting. Colton explains that he’s trying to run electricity for their family party that night, and he wants to get electricity in the barn’s loft since his daughter’s best friend spends a lot of time there.

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In present day on the Landry farm, Del and Sam bring his new horse to meet Stormy. Del says that they just need to get used to one another, but if they take things slow, things might just work out. She apologizes for her behavior when Sam offered her the check, and Sam knows he should have approached that more slowly.

In 1999, Colton tells Adult Elliot about having kids as they work together. Colton mentions to Adult Elliot how his daughter’s best friend, Elliot, has a rough home life. Colton wanted the barn to feel like home for Elliot, and he wants to cherish all the time he has with the kids before they head off to college. Elliot almost warns Colton about the future, but stops short of revealing anything.

In present day, Kat observes the “My Katherine, 1814” painting. She sees the letters on the book in the painting and has a flashback to Susanna saying how she writes backwards. Backwards, the letters are “RLEL,” and Kat also recalls talking about the fireplace with Elijah and Susanna. Elijah mentioned that the stones were always coming loose, so Kat runs to the fireplace in the Landry house where she sees a stone with the same four letters on it. She pulls it loose and inside she finds a book called “The Founding of Port Haven” written by Susanna, wrapped in the fabric of Susanna’s dress. Susanna left a note as well that reads, “To My Katherine, Elijah said we needed a beginning; a fairytale to believe in. Here’s Port Haven’s. Tell our story in your time, as I couldn’t tell it in mine. Yours Forever, Susanna.” Inside the book is the page that Jacob had ripped out of the 1814 almanac.

In 1999, the Landrys and Young Elliot light sparklers and fireworks as Adult Elliot and Alice watch. Young Elliot thanks Colton for the light he installed, and Colton tells him how a guy in town helped him do it. Colton tells Young Elliot he’ll always have a space here. They hear something then as Adult Elliot steps on leaves, so he and Alice depart. As they do, another shrouded person appears to be watching.

In present day at Elliot’s house, he tells Alice that their trip was incredible. He has a flashback to Victor putting the envelope for Del down on their side table, so he begins to search the drawer. Stuffed way in the back is the envelope with Del’s ticket, Kat’s letter and Alice’s baby picture. Alice tells Elliot that this is why the pond kept sending her back and she can make things right now.

At the Landry’s, Del tells Sam on the phone that she’d love to have him over for dinner with the family. Del hangs up and imagines Colton; she tells him that she’s afraid of this next step and isn’t sure if she’s ready to let him go. Colton tells her she can remember, love, and miss him, and he’s always going to be with her. Her heart is big enough for the past, present and future.

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Downstairs in the kitchen, Kat and Del enter. At the table, Alice hands Del Kat’s envelope with the ticket, letter and baby picture. Kat realizes then that Del didn’t get it, and Alice reminds her that she gave it to Victor to give to Del, and Victor withheld it. Kat tells Del that she missed her and wanted her to meet Alice, and Del couldn’t believe Kat wanted to see her after everything she said. Del says she knew about Alice and should have come; she wanted to reach out so many times, but stopped herself because she didn’t think she deserved Kat. She wanted to give Kat a chance to start her life over, but Del tells her if she had gotten that ticket, she would have been there in a heartbeat.

Kat and Del ride Stormy and Sam’s new horse together out onto Landry land. Del tells Kat that they’ve let unsaid words take up too much space, and they both agree they won’t anymore. On the Landry porch, Alice plays guitar and sings Colton’s song, “Everything I Wanted,” as Casey Goodwin approaches looking for Del. Kat and Del return then, as Alice notices the ring on Casey’s necklace around their neck. Casey introduces themselves to Del and says hi to Kat; Casey hands Del a letter from the Goodwin family lawyer. Purchasing the Landry land is no longer tenable for them, so their father has to tear up the bill of sales. Del says it isn’t great news, but they can get through it. Kat hugs Casey.

Later in Alice’s room, Kat shows Alice Susanna’s book, and how Jacob’s torn out almanac page fits perfectly in theirs. Kat wishes she could show Del, and Alice notes how it worked with the letter and ticket. Kat apologizes that Alice saw her at her worst back then. Alice asks for photos of Casey, and Kat says she’ll send the one they took.

At dinner downstairs, Sam sits in Colton’s old chair, unbeknownst to him; they all tell Sam it’s fine. Del is happy they get to keep the land, but she doesn’t have the money to farm it. Elliot says never say never, and tells the group about how he got Kat’s rare coins from the 1800s appraised by a coin specialist. At the mention of the coins, Sam seems interested. Del wonders where Kat found them, and Kat tells them that she thinks she picked them up from an auction. Elliot says they’re worth a small fortune, enough to farm the land for years. Del says is speechless, happy, and so grateful to be with all of them.

Later with Sam, Del tells him that she’s glad he’s her neighbor. She likes knowing he’s next door, and she likes knowing him.

At Elliot’s house, Kat shows him Susanna’s book. Kat says she’s going to republish it under Susanna’s name and set the record straight. Elliot thanks her, and tells her about how he time traveled with Alice. He says he wanted to try to stop all the bad things that happened, and he understands now what Kat was going through. He apologizes for blaming what happened to Colton on her. Elliot tells Kat that he wants her to choose him, and they kiss. Kat tells Elliot that she hears his words, but she needs time for them to sink in.

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In the woods, Kat approaches the pond. She has a vision of Thomas Coyle behind her, and he asks what she would have done if he lived. Kat says she doesn’t know; maybe she could have loved him, but she loves someone else. He disappears as someone surfaces in the pond; it’s Adult Jacob. He tells Kat he has come home, and they hug.

In Alice’s room, she zooms in on Casey’s necklace in the picture on her phone. Alice notices that the ring on the necklace is the same as the one she has on her own necklace.

At Elliot’s, he looks at the hole that he punched in his wall. He sees his father, Victor, to his left, and to his right, he sees Colton. He comes back to, grabs a sledgehammer, and demolishes the wall he had once punched.

On Landry land, Kat and Adult Jacob walk to the Landry house. Jacob takes Kat’s hand as they walk up, and Kat stops him to makes sure that he’s positive he wants to go through with this. Jacob tells her that Elijah and Susanna encouraged him to come, and that Elijah always knew this is where he belonged. He tells Kat that even Thomas told him to come, but Kat knows that can’t be right as Thomas was executed by Cyrus. Jacob tells her that Thomas is alive, as he managed to wear armor under his clothes that stopped the bullet. Adult Jacob has a vision of seeing his younger self leaving the Landry house with a baseball and glove. Adult Jacob beckons Kat to come inside with him, and Kat says that she wishes their dad were here to see this.

Back at the Landry party in 1999, the shrouded figure who was also watching from afar turns around; it’s Colton.

A young boy holds a woman’s hand at the pond’s edge. She tells him, “I know it calls to you. Remember what I said: it will always take you where you need to go. But you need to stay here for now, it’s not your time, not yet. You just have to be patient, Colton.”