Kenny and Gwendolyn Smith Interview

Mark is joined by guest hosts Kenny and Gwendolyn Smith of “Meet the Smiths” while Cristina is on vacation. The married couple talk about different parenting styles. Their children range in age from 2-22, which means there is always an adventure in the house!

Paula Shoyer Bakes! - Home & Family

Chef Paula Shoyer is in the Kitchen

The Holiday Kosher Baker herself, Paula Shoyer is in the kitchen baking Chocolate Babka and is joined by Gwendolyn. With Rosh Hashanah starting September 13th, Paula explains that this is the perfect dessert to prepare. The dough is very easy to make and you want to ensure the chocolate is gooey to make it even more delicious! Don’t be afraid to add as much chocolate as you want!

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Get the Recipe to Chocolate Babka >>

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Do It Yourself Tooth Fairy Pillow - Home & Family

DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

Ken Wingard has a great DIY that kids will love, a Tooth Fairy Pillow! Using fleece or felt is important, as long as the material does not unravel. Ken explains this is a great sewing project if you are just learning to sew.

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How to Liven Up Your Lipstick - Home & Family

How to Liven Up Your Lipstick

Sophie Uliano and Kym Douglas team up to show you the latest lipstick trends that include bold colors like green, purple and blue! Both women encourage you to try something new and a bit bolder than you are used to. Sophie even shows you how to create your own moisturizer lipstick which will only cost you two dollars per tube!

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Amber Stevens West Interview

The actress sits down with Home & Family to talk about the upcoming season finale of her NBC comedy, “The Carmichael Show.” She says her character is really easy to play because she is so similar to her in real life. Amber also starred in the comedy series, “Greek” where she met her future husband, Andy. Amber grew up in show business where her father is famous DJ Shadoe Stevens!
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Paige Hemmis's Garage Series - Home & Family

Paige Hemmis “Garage Series”

Paige Hemmis is on a mission to clean up and organize the Home & Family garage. Today, she is creating a DIY Small Bits Organizer, using small tin cups.You can also repurpose Altoids cans, old tins, PVC elbows and detergent bottles to help with the organizing.

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Whitney Thore Interview

The star of TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” Whitney Thore talks about her struggles with weight gain and how she is helping inspire people to move past their body image issues. She even uploads dance videos on to her YouTube channel that ended up going viral. Whitney embraces the word “fat,” recognizing she can also be beautiful, confident and successful. She even opens up about her recent diabetes scare and taking her health into her own hands.
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Game Day Shirts for Women - Home & Family

DIY Game Day Shirts for Women

Maria Provenzano gets you ready for upcoming game days by styling your very own sports shirts. Maria makes tank tops, off-the-shoulder and fringe tips and t-shirts!

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Lawrence Zarian’s Must-Haves

Lawrence Zarian is back with a whole new list of items that you must not be afraid to spend a little money on. This includes his favorite skin products by Colbert MD and Levi jeans. When it comes to jeans, Lawrence says Levi are the best because they fit great and cost under a hundred dollars!

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