Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

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Plum Sonker - Home & Family

Plum Sonker

Author of “Southern Pies,” Nancie McDermott is in the kitchen baking a plum sonker. For those who don’t know, sonker is a deep dish cobbler with crust on the top and bottom. If you are not a fan of plums, you can always substitute in peaches, nectarines, or combine these fruits with the plums.

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DIY Acrylic End Tables - Home & Family

DIY Acrylic End Tables

Orly Shani is updating your end tables by adding acrylic ends to them and making your own gold leaf accents.

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Rick Fox Interview

Actor Rick Fox stops by to talk about his character on the OWN series, “Greenleaf,” which you can watch Wednesdays at 10/9c. He also discusses family life as a father and his career when he played for the NBA.

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Kym’s Beauty Buzz

Kym Douglas is keeping your face fresh and clean with this DIY manuka honey mask made with matcha green tea powder and cinnamon. She also introduces you to Honey’Do Shampoo and Conditioner that you can find at

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Easy At-Home Workouts

Cameron Mathison is showing you how he stays in shape with these easy workout moves that you can do at home. This includes using liquid detergent bottles and water bottles as free weights for lifting.

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Halibut, Sweet Corn and Mushrooms en Papillote - Home & Family

Halibut, Sweet Corn and Mushroom en Papillote

Author of “Just Cook It!” Justin Chapple is back and today he is making a seafood dish of halibut, sweet corn and mushroom en papillote. In order to save time, Justin recommends using frozen corn and drying your mushrooms using a salad spinner. For more flavor, brine the halibut before cooking.

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Do They Really Work?

Larissa Wohl is testing out pet-friendly products and letting you know which ones you should check out for yourself.

AGTCare Car Window Cover
Woof Washer 360
Hear-Doggy Flats Squeaky Toy

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Andrew Walker Visits

Actor Andrew Walker sits down with Debbie and Cameron to talk about his new movie, “God Bless the Broken Road,” which opens in theaters on September 7th. He talks about how the film help change his real life, as well. He also talks about preparing for the role and what it was like meeting NFL star Ladanian “LT” Tomlinson.

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DIY Christmas Hair Bows

Maria Provenzano is getting into the holiday spirit by making these festive hair bows. For the best results, she recommends using wired ribbon so they stay in place.

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Financial Round-Up - Home & Family

Financial Round-Up

Best selling author and celebrity financial coach Dr. Lynn Richardson gives you tips on how to handle your financial future as a parent. This includes starting a home business and hiring your child to teach them about job skills.