Maria Provenzano is getting you glammed up with these festive bows.


  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue
  • Felt
  • Fray block
  • Black puffy paint
  • Alligator clips
  • Barrette
DIY Christmas Hair Bow - Home & Family

1. Cut 4- 5-inch strips of thin white ribbon.
2. Cut 4- 6-inch strips of thin white ribbon.
3. Connect the two ends by gluing them together with hot glue.
4. Place a dot of hot glue in the center of the loop and connect the other end so that two loops are created on the sides.
5. Repeat with all of the cut pieces of ribbon.
6. Glue the centers of the 5-inch strips together to create a snowflake shape.
7. Repeat with the 6-inch strips.
8. Connect the two “snowflake” shapes together.
9. Create a hat shape with a black piece of felt.
10. Create long triangle shape with orange felt to be the nose.
11. Glue the hat and nose onto the snowman.
12. Use the puffy paint to make dots for the eyes.
13. Attach the shape to a barrette or alligator clip using hot glue.

1. Cut a piece of felt into a rectangle shape.
2. Add a dot of hot glue in the center and pinch the center together to create a “bow” shape.
3. Cut two pieces of green felt out to create a “holly leaf” shape.
4. Cut two strips of red felt into ¼ inch strips, about 5 inches long to create the “berries”.
5. Tightly roll the felt to create a circle and secure with hot glue.
6. Glue the “holly leaves” and the “berries” to the center of the felt bow.
7. Attach the bow to a barrette or alligator clip with hot glue.

1. Cut a long strip of thick, wired ribbon.
2. Tie into a bow, keeping with “legs” of the shape long.
3. Cut two pieces of black felt into “boot” shapes the width of the ribbon.
4. Attach the “boots” with hot glue.
5. Attach a square of sparkly scrapbook paper to the center of the bow as the “belt buckle”.
6. Add furry fabric or cotton on top of the boots for detail; optional.

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