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TV Personality Dayna Devon is joined by Celebrity Fitness Trainer Luke Milton to talk about Luke’s Training Mate program, which promotes physical, mental and social health. Luke’s fitness plan has helped such big name celebrities as Tyra Banks, Rachel McAdams and Adrian Grenier. The Training Mate program has even been ranked the hottest 2015 workout by Harper’s Bazaar. Mark even tries out some of the basic workout moves on the stage.

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Juli Bauer is in the Kitchen - Home & Family

Sticky Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wings with Parsnip French Fries

Paleo diet advocate and best-selling author of “The Paleo Kitchen” Juli Bauer is in the Home & Family kitchen. She explains that the Paleo Diet consists of mostly meat, fish, vegetables and fruit while excluding dairy and grain products and processed food. Juli explains that the diet consists mainly of food that you would hunt and gather in the caveman days. Today she is making Sticky Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wings and Parsnip French Fries.

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Ask Kym

Kym answers your questions from Facebook. She shows off a variety of red lipsticks and even talks about how toothbrushes and hairspray can manage flyaway hairs.

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Do It Yourself Giant Jenga - Home & Family

DIY Giant Jenga

Daniel Kucan gives you a DIY that can keep you entertained for hours, a giant Jenga game! He explains that you want “kiln dried” wood when making this project because the boards will be straighter. You want a total of 54 sticks of wood after breaking down all the boards.

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Trinitee Stokes Interview

Pint-sized actress Trinitee Stokes talks about her Disney Channel show, “K.C. Undercover,” a series about a family of spies performing covert missions. The actress plays a humanoid robot, Judy Cooper whose super-powers include super strength and encyclopedic knowledge. Recently, Trinitee also got to act side-by-side with one of her favorites Raven Symone! Aside from acting, Trinitee has also started her own fashion line!
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Do it Yourself Customized Backpacks - Home & Family

DIY Custom Backpacks

Tanya Memme gets a little help from Trinitee Stokes in making perfect custom backpacks to go along with the back-to-school theme. Tanya encourages you to get as creative as you want, including using fabrics, glitter and googly-eyes!

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Healthy Blended Coffee Drinks - Home & Family

Blended Ice Drinks

Sophie Uliano is in the kitchen and ready to show you how you can enjoy your blended and iced coffee drinks with a fraction of the calories. Some of these drinks can contain up to 102 grams of sugar! By making these drinks at home, it is not only healthier, but also cheaper! Stevia sweetener is also a great alternative for sugar when making these drinks at home.

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Fast Makeup Fixes!

Makeup artist Luis Casco shows you some easy and fast makeup tips for when you are about to shoot that perfect selfie. Use a neutral shade and blend the color in just above the eyes, use a bronzer to give your face shape and warmth, and finally use gloss on lips and inner-corner of eyes to add that extra sparkle.
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Booster Seats for Kids - Home & Family

Booster Seats for Kids

Dr. JJ talks about booster seats, which is the middle step between a car seat with a harness and seatbelt. The lap belt should always hit the top of thighs and a child should sit all the way back for the booster to be effective. A child should move from a carseat to booster seat roughly between 90 and 100 pounds but that is also vehicle dependent.

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Cool Treats For Your K-9

With the weather continuing to be hot, Laura Nativo shows you some fun frozen dog treats that your pooch will love! From hamburger popsicles to pumpkin popsicles for those dogs who have sensitive stomach issues, Laura has some delicious snack recipes for you. Just remember the pumpkin has to be pure and not canned.

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