Daniel Kucan has the perfect DIY for your next party.


  • 8 foot 2 x 4's
  • Sandpaper 80 and 120 grit
  • Paint (optional!)
  • Electric Sander (optional)
  • Chop saw (optional)


Cut the 2 x 4's into 10 1/2" lengths. You'll need a total of 54 pieces! You can do this yourself with a chop saw, or ask your hardware store to do it yourself.


Now you want to sand down all the corners and rough edges. I used 80 grit sandpaper to take off the corners and give them a good start, and then I went over everything again with 120 grit. You can do this by hand or with an electric sander.

Classic, natural wood is really appealing to me. But if you would like, choose paint any color you like, and painted the ends of all the boards.

Stack em up, and play Jenga®!

Do It Yourself Giant Jenga - Home & Family

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