Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

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Judith Light

Award-winning actress Judith Light sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about the new season of her critically-acclaimed Amazon series, “Transparent.” Judith also opens up about her transition from Broadway into the world of soap operas and TV. Judith, who is an ambassador for the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, discusses the dangers posed by the flu to people 65 and older.

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DIY Menu Boards - Home & Family

DIY Menu Boards

Maria Provenzano shows you how to make your own DIY menu boards. Maria shows how you can make both a pin menu board and a dry erase menu board. The best part about these DIY’s is that they only cost around $30 to make. 

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Grilled Ribeye with Sauteed Mushrooms - Home & Family

Ribeye Steak with Marinated Mushrooms

The executive chef of The Arthur J Steakhouse, Danny Waked, gets in the kitchen to grill up a juicy ribeye steak with sauteed mushrooms and bacon. Before starting, Danny explains why you need to bring your meat to room temperature and also suggests using a cast iron pan. Once your steak is done, Danny advises letting your ribeye rest for ten minutes before serving. 

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Black Dog and Black Cat Syndrome

Pet expert Larissa Wohl discusses why black dogs and black cats are less likely to be adopted. Historically, black animals have been perceived to be more menacing and scary. To counter these misconceptions, Larissa displays the work of Guinnevere Shuster and Casey Elise. The two photographers have done series of photographs showing black dogs and black cats in a more playful light.

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Tina Campbell

Grammy-award winner and reality star, Tina Campbell visits with Mark and Debbie to talk about launching her new solo career. Tina, who also stars on the WeTV reality series “Mary Mary,” reveals why she decided to reveal her deeply personal stories on the show, including her husband’s infinitely. Tina then discusses how her faith and love for her husband allowed her to forgive him and even renew their wedding vows. 

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DIY Burlap Bedskirt - Home & Family

DIY Burlap Bedskirt

Orly Shani shows how to make a simple and stylish burlap bed skirt. Orly’s bed skirt is completely no-sew and is great way to add a rustic feel to your bed.

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Mari Takahashi

Spokesperson for “Prank it FWD,” Mari Takahashi talks about her journey from ballerina to YouTube star. Maria’s prank videos are designed to make dreams come true and provide a positive impact on the lives of others.
Mari’s videos have become so popular that big names including Jennifer Lawrence and former First Lady Michelle Obama have joined in on the fun

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Smashed Potatoes with Olive Tapenade - Home & Family

Debbie Cooks

Debbie in the kitchen preparing potatoes with a Mediterranean twist, pairing them with olive tapenade. Before starting, Debbie points out that your smashed potatoes should be waxy and that red bliss potatoes work best for this recipe. Debbie also points out that you can always adjust the texture of the tapenade by adding more liquid or draining out more liquid. 

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Alzheimer's Learning Day - Home & Family

Alzheimer's Learning Day

From Home Instead Senior Care, Gerontologist Lakelyn Hogan sits down with Home & Family to talk about Alzheimer’s Learning Day on September 21st. Lakelyn discusses the common symptoms to look out for when it comes to Alzheimer’s and what you can do if your loved one is diagnosed. 

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DIY Sleigh Shelf 

Ken Wingard shows you how to turn an old sled into a fun holiday DIY. Ken’s sleigh shelf is a perfect way to capture the sentimentality of the holidays. This easy craft will cost you around $30.

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