Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

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Naya Rivera Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Debbie to give an intimate interview about her recently published memoir, “Sorry Not Sorry.” She talks about her broken engagement and difficulties she had on her series, “Glee.” She is happy to share how much she has grown since her darker times. She credits her religion for helping her get through the rough times. Today, Naya is married with a one-year-old son and says she couldn’t be happier.

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Sharone Hakman Cooks - Home & Family

Hak’s Ultimate Chili Recipe

Sharone Hakman is in the kitchen cooking up his favorite recipe for chili. He talks about having his own man cave at home where he practices various recipes and uses his young sons as his taste testers. When it comes to chili, he says this recipe is perfect for those on the go, because it only takes five minutes to make. The best part is you can use the leftovers for nachos the next day!

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DIY Colorblock Sweaters - Home & Family

DIY Colorblock Sweaters

Orly Shani talks about the upcoming trend on the runways, colorblocking patterns. She points out the vibrant colors are a subtle and welcomed addition to any sweater. For the best results, the donor sweater that you are going to cut-up should be bigger or the same size as the DIY sweater that you plan on wearing. Orly offers a tip of using a rotary blade and ruler to cut your material, for a straight cut. Don’t be afraid to use a color wheel when matching the colors, to make sure it all blends together. The entire cost of this DIY is $10.

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Jen Bricker Interview

Aerialist and author Jen Bricker shares her story with Home & Family and talks about her latest book, “Everything is Impossible.” Jen was born without legs and learned early on how to love the body she was born in. Jen is joined by her adoptive mother, who calls into the interview from Illinois. She says adopting Jen was the easiest decision she ever made. Jen says it was her parents who raised her who allowed her to be who she wanted to be and encouraged her to always follow her dreams. This includes competing as a tumbler and placing 4th in the Junior Olympics. Jen’s story leaves Kym Douglas in tears.

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Functional Accessories

Kym Douglas is talking about cool and functional accessories that will help make your life easier. She introduces you to earrings that are actual flash drives for your computer, a bracelet that is an actual smart phone charger and leather cup holder that can also be a stylish wrist cuff.

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Phone Bandolier - $70-$150 -
Parrot 16GB Total Storage USB Drive Earrings $39.95 -
QBracelet with iPhone Charger - $125 –
Leather Cozy/Cuff SNAP - $30 -

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Simone Missick Interview - Home & Family

Simone Missick Interview

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about her series, “Luke Cage,” which will be available on Netflix on September 30th. In the show, Simone plays the first female black superhero, Misty Knight. She also opens up about how the series deals with current issues in the black community and sparks conversation, along with change.

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Home Cook Contest - Home & Family

Best Home Cook Contest

Prep chef Shanti Hinojos, Dan Kohler and Kym Douglas talk about choosing the six finalists for the Best Home Cook Contest. They share what they are looking for in the submitted videos, including presentation, creativity, personality and a creative story behind their dishes. They reveals some of the submissions they have received.

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Father of the Internet

Leonard Kleinrock sits down with Home & Family to talk about his film, “Lo and Behold” which discusses internet connecting the world. Leonard and his team have credit for creating the internet during their time at UCLA in 1969. His purpose was to create something that would change people’s lives. He predicts that the future of the internet will be as much of a surprise as the surprise explosion of social media.

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Protein Energy Balls - Home & Family

Energy Balls

Sophie Uliano is showing you how to make your own protein energy balls to help keep you pumped throughout your day. The best part about the energy balls is they are packed with healthy ingredients and will not give you the jitters that caffeine does. She recommends switching up the coating with the balls for a variety of flavor. After you are done making the energy balls, you can store them for up to two weeks.

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