Orly Shani is taking a look fresh off the runway and showing you how to get it at home.


  • 2 sweaters
  • Fabric glue or sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Tacky spray (optional)


1. Take you main sweater and decide on placement.

2. Take your donor sweater and cut out patches to apply to your main sweater.

3. You want your donor sweater to either be bigger or the same size as your main sweater.

4. Lay out your patches on your main sweater to create the desired pattern.

5. If using fabric glue, apply glue to the edges and press into place.

6. If sewing, apply tacky spray to the back of your donor piece and lay into place.
Next use a needle and thread, or sewing machine to sew it into place.

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