Taylor Armstrong Interview - Home & Family

Taylor Armstrong Interview

Author and philanthropist Taylor Armstrong sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her recent journey of healing herself after years of physical abuse in her marriage. Taylor filed for divorce in 2011 and shortly after, she discovered her ex-husband’s body after he committed suicide in her home. Today, Taylor has finished writing her memoir, “Hiding From Reality” and talks about finding closure after years of suffering.Taylor now opens up about the red flags that people can look out for in dangerous relationships. Taylor is now re-married to a wonderful and supporting husband who is a great stepfather to her daughter. She helps other women in abusive relationships seek help.

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If you are in a dangerous relationship or know someone who is, get more information at or call 1800-799-SAFE

Burger Showdown (Part 1) - Home & Family

Burger Wars

Matt Iseman and Matt Rogers are going against each other in the kitchen with an old fashioned Burger War! Matt Rogers pairs up with Kym Douglas, while Matt Iseman pairs up with Cristina to see who can make the best hamburger. The judges are Taylor, Dan Kohler and Tanya Memme. In the end, Matt Iseman wins on flavor!

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Girls ONLY!

Kym Douglas is here to talk about fun products for a girls’ night out! From fun mermaid tails to pedicure sandals, you are ready for a girls’ night party!

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Sinqua Walls Interview

Actor Sinqua Walls visits Home & Family and talks about his return as Sir Lancelot in this season’s “Once Upon a Time.” He prepares fans for a unique twist this season and says nothing is as it seems. Sinqua also shares stories from when he was on 2011’s “Shark Night 3D” and playing “Beta Werewolf” on the 2012 season of MTV’s “Teen Wolf.”
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Kandee Johnson’s Tips

Makeup Artist Kandee Johnson talks about fun Halloween makeup. Kandee also opens up about what it was like being a YouTube sensation and shows a video of one of her most famous transformations into Barbie for Halloween.

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The Science of Maple Syrup - Home & Family

The Science of Maple Syrup

Dan Kohler breaks down the science of maple syrup in the kitchen. He explains that the syrup is made of sap from trees. It takes ten gallons of sap to make one quart of syrup.

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Do It Yourself Lace Shirts - Home & Family

Lace Shirts

Tanya Memme shows you how to make your very own stylish Lace shirt. You can wash the shirts and iron them. She also says you should let the glue dry overnight before wearing. First things first, measure where you want to lace to start on the shirt. Also, if you are making a lace shirt, you should buy a size bigger in the shirt.

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Training Animals for the Stage

Theatrical Animal Trainer William Berloni has trained 200 animals theatrically, including animals in “Annie,” “Legally Blonde,” “The Wiz” and “Peter Pan.” He joined by Macy, a dog who has starred in over two dozen productions of “Annie” and has appeared on television. All of William’s animals are rescues and after they retire, they head to a farm and live with other dog actors.

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Ask the Family

It is that time in the show where the family members gather around and answer your Facebook questions!