Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

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Lacey Chabert Stops By - Home & Family

Lacey Chabert Visits

Actress Lacey Chabert sits down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about her Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe," which you can catch the premiere of on Friday, November 23rd at 8/7c. She also shares how much fun she had on the set with all her co-stars. The actress opens up about the importance of family traditions during the holidays, especially now that she is a mother.

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The Perfect Stuffed Turkey - Home & Family

The Perfect Stuffed Turkey

Founder of, Catherine McCord is in the kitchen to make the most perfect and moist stuffed turkey for this Thanksgiving. She is making her grandmother’s famous cornbread cranberry stuffing to put in the turkey. She also adds a tip of putting the stuffing in cheesecloth before placing in the turkey, so it is mess-free when removing and serving it.

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Paige Hemmis and Orly Shani team up to bring you a variety of Thanksgiving centerpieces to display. Orly’s centerpiece is sleek, using painted copper pieces and succulents. Meanwhile, Paige describes her centerpiece as more rustic, emphasizing the message of “thankfulness.”

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Mike Dow

Best selling author, Mike Dow visits Home & Family to help you keep the spirit of thankfulness going all year long. He also discusses his new book, “Think, Act & Be Happy.” The family members have their own questions for Mike on how to keep gratitude in the back of your mind at all times.

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Cranberry Beauty

Kym Douglas is showing you how to make homemade cranberry beauty products, including toner and a face mask. She explains that cranberry juice is a secret to youthful and vibrant skin. Before getting started, invest in organic cranberry juice, to get all the rich benefits. She also introduces you to cranberry seed oil, that is great for dry skin.

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Classic Thanksgiving Apple Pie - Home & Family

Classic Thanksgiving Apple Pie

Chef Patron of Jinjuu restaurant Judy Joo is in the kitchen making a delicious Thanksgiving apple pie. She explains that the secret of the pie is in the crust and to get it extra-flaky, she adds cold lard, making it easier to work with. She uses sweet and tart firm apples for this dish.

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DIY Gratitude Dream Catcher

Maria Provenzano is taking chunky yarn and a wreath frame and making a gratitude dream catcher just in time for Thanksgiving. The wide yarn won’t only add a nice luxe touch to the dream catcher, it will also speed up the process when wrapping around the wreath. When done, hang the dream catcher up and encourage your friends and family to leave messages of what they are thankful for this holiday season.

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Pet Gifts That Give Back

Larissa Wohl is introducing you to a variety of pet gifts that you should check out this Christmas because each one finds a way to give back to the rescue pet community.

“Ropes for Rescues” dog leashes
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Puppies Make Me Happy Apparel
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Deity Jewelry and Goods
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Thanksgiving Potatoes: Three Ways - Home & Family

Thanksgiving Potatoes: Three Different Ways

Maria, Ken and Debbie are in the kitchen sharing their favorite potato recipes they like to serve for Thanksgiving. Maria is preparing mashed potatoes with an Italian flair, by adding cheese and topping it with pancetta. Meanwhile, Ken is channeling his Southern roots by making roasted sweet potatoes with an oat crumble. Finally, Debbie is making a potatoes au gratin dish with cheddar and goat cheese.

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