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Martina McBride Stops By

Country superstar Martina McBride visits Home & Family to talk about her new music album, “Reckless.” She says that the message behind her album is about unconditional love. Cristina asks Martina to name an example of that kind of love and Martina shares the story of moving from Nashville to Los Angeles so that her teenage daughter could pursue her dream of becoming an actress. After her interview, Martina heads to the kitchen to whip up her delicious garlic roasted shrimp cocktail a recipe from her cookbook, “Around the Table.”

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DIY Finalist: Vicki and Steph Kubiak - Home & Family

Little Barn Door for your Front Door

Mother and daughter Dream Jobbing finalists Vicki and Stephanie Kubiak are demonstrating their DIY skills. Before getting started, the women explain how excited they were to find out that they were selected to be on Home & Family. Today, they are making a little barn door for your front door that is meant to cover your peep hole and to add a little flair to your house.

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Instagram’s Crazy Jewish Mom

Author of “Mother, Can You Not,” Kate Siegel is joined by her mother, Kim, to talk about their crazy relationship. Kim admits that she texts her daughter up to 100 times a day and Kate started sharing those texts on Instagram, which later developed into a New York Times Best Selling book. The mother and daughter duo admit the Instagram became so popular because their texts are so relatable.

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CCH Pounder Interview

The actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to discuss her role on the CBS series, “NCIS: New Orleans,” which is on Tuesdays, 9/8c. She loves bringing a little sass to her role as a coroner. In real life, CCH was raised by nuns in an English convent and even spent her early years on a Guyana sugar plantation. CCH surprises Mark and Cristina with Mardi Gras beads from New Orleans and even throws them out to the crew.

DIY Healthy Popsicles - Home & Family

DIY Healthy Popsicles

Ken Wingard is in the kitchen making healthy popsicles that kids will love. He blends up spinach, mangoes, bananas and fruit juice and then freezes them into popsicles. Ken points out there is no added sugar, yet it is still a refreshing sweet treat to enjoy in the warmer weather. It takes 2-3 hours to freeze and Debbie points out that this would be perfect for teething babies.

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Mother of the Year

Michelle Wall has been named “Mother of the Year,” by American Mother, a recognition she received for all the work she does with her community. Michelle attended the gala with her own mom and had so much fun meeting other mothers who were impacting their community. She works closely on fundraisers for Multiple Sclerosis, a cause close to her since her mother-in-law passed away from MS. Michelle is joined in the interview by Executive Director, Andrea Ball who talks about the history of “American Mothers,” which was established in 1935.

Goodbye Heels, Hello Flats

Lawrence Zarian and Debbie Matenopoulos team up to show you some of the hottest looks in flats. Lawrence explains that heels may be part of the classic look, but flats can by stylish and comfortable. He introduces Cristina, Debbie and Shirley Bovshow to flats that are chic and sophisticated.

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Seniors and Driving - Home & Family

Senior Care

Home Instead’s Amy Huddleston visits Home & Family to talk about the important subject of seniors and driving and how to talk to your parents about the subject. She offers up some pointers on how to approach the subject, including not making your elderly parents feel bad about giving up driving, and also taking the time to listen to their concerns about no longer getting behind the wheel. If you start questioning your parents ability to drive safely, you should go for a ride with them first and take notes about their current skills behind the wheel. Amy explains that Home Instead Senior Care supports those giving care to protect the dignity of those receiving care.

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DIY Finalist: Vicki and Steph Kubiak - Home & Family

DIY From Sod to Flower

Shirley Bovshow shows you how to give your lawn a makeover by creating a garden bed. She recommends raising your soil level to provide nutrients for flowering plants. If you choose to use landscape boulders, they need to be anchored to the ground by burying the bottom third of them. Before committing to actually planting your plants, lay them out over the soil to see if you like how they look.

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