Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

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Jumbo Shrimp with Red Chile Salsa

Chef from “Masterchef” and “Chopped,” Aaron Sanchez is in the kitchen today making a seafood favorite of jumbo shrimp with homemade red chile salsa. To maximize the flavor, toast the dried chiles before soaking them in water. After you are done making the sauce, you can put it on enchiladas or tacos. When done with the recipe, he recommends serving the shrimp over polenta or rice.

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DIY Garden Dragonflies

Ken Wingard is helping you update your home’s exterior with this outdoor decorative DIY. All you really need are table legs, ceiling fan blades, paint and bailing wire. When you are done, hang the dragonflies using a picture hook. Ken says to have a more rustic look for the dragonflies, look for vintage table legs and fan blades. He encourages you to get as creative as you want.

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Corinne Foxx

Co-host and DJ of Fox’s “Beat Shazam,” Corinne Foxx visits Home & Family to talk about her show that you can watch Tuesdays at 8/7c. She also shares stories about her father, Jamie Foxx, whom she says she got her work ethic. Her dad is also host of the show, “Beat Shazam.”

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How to Include Your Dog in Your Love Story

Larissa Wohl is celebrating the upcoming premiere of Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie, “Marrying Mr. Darcy” by showing you how to include your dog in your wedding proposal and wedding. Mark shows photos from his own wedding, when his and Julie’s dogs walked down the aisle, too.

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Chorizo and Pepper Sloppy Joes

Chef Chris Santos is making some yummy sloppy joes that have a spicy kick of flavor. To save time, he recommends using a store-bought sauce, but also gives you the recipe to his marinara, if you want to prepare your own.

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Getting Back to Happy

Life coaches and co-creators of “Marc & Angel Hack Life,” Marc Chernoff and Angel Chernoff sit down with Mark and Debbie to talk about their guide to living a fulfilling life that they call, “Getting Back to Happy.” They explain that daily rituals are more effective than long-term goals, so start small. They also encourage you to track your steps so you can see your progress.

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DIY Floating Driftwood Wine Rack

Michigan’s own Maria Provenzano is showing you how to make your own rustic wine rack for your home using driftwood. She is making this DIY to celebrate Bay City, Michigan’s Tall Ship Celebration coming up July 18th-21st. Her DIY helps you re-create that outdoorsy feel in your home. She also talks about the perks of visiting Bay City, Michigan, including taking advantage of hiking trails and kayaking.

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Lindsay Eli

Country singer Lindsay Eli hits the Home & Family stage to perform “Don’t Trust Myself.”

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DIY Christmas Carolers

Orly Shani is teaming up with Home & Family viewer Joanie Slatlem of Temecula, California using SKYPE to make this festive DIY, decorative Christmas carolers. Before getting started, Orly says you can get all the materials for this DIY at your local craft store and hardware store. Make sure you use let the carolers completely dry before moving on to the next steps.

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