Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

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Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery Visit

Everybody’s favorite funny women, Jane Lynch and Kate Flannery stop by and bring the laughs to Home & Family. The two talk about their 20 plus year friendship, which dates back to doing improv in Chicago. Today, they are performing a live cabaret called “See Jane Sing.” Jane says Kate was the first actress she thought of when it came to launching this comedy musical. The women stay to perform “Far From the Home I Love” with Tony Guerrero on piano.

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Fashions for Tall Women

Lawrence Zarian is showing you the latest fashions available for women with a little extra height to their frame. He even stages his own runway show featuring tall women. 5’8” and taller is what he says is classified as “tall.” Lawrence says that tall women should own their height with confidence to help them sport their wardrobe even better.

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Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie - Home & Family

Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie

The one and only Fabio Viviani is back in the kitchen preparing a sweet and savory dessert, cheddar cheese apple pie with parmesan. Cristina jokes that this is the perfect dish to go with some wine. Fabio even makes his very own dough, creating a nice flaky crust. He places the apples in the pie, then he recommends putting a mixture of lime juice and brown sugar over the apples and says that will prevent the apples from getting soggy when baking in the oven.

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DIY Finalist: Margot Potter - Home & Family

Wood Crystallized Purses

Dream Jobbing finalist Margo Potter is here to show you how to turn a normal cigar box into a work of art, a wooden crystallized purse. Margo defines her DIY style as retro fabulous or eclectic funky. She believes all of her DIY projects should inspire people to color outside the lines, whether it is baking or crafting. She loves these purses because they are instant conversation starters at a party. She encourages you to have fun with the colors, the crystals and the design of your purse. This entire DIY will only cost you $25.

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Brian Tee Interview

The actor sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his new movie “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows,” which opens in theaters on June 3rd. Brian plays the role of “Shredder” and jokes that when he was a kid, he dressed as the character for Halloween. This role is pretty iconic because it is the first time fans get to see Shredder’s face. Brian opens up about discovering a passion for acting while in college and deciding to pursue it full time after college.

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DIY Cloud Bookcases - Home & Family

DIY Cloud Bookcases

Ken Wingard is making DIY cloud bookcases that make a cute addition to any children’s bedroom or baby nursery. This bookshelf is perfect because it is height friendly, so kids can easily grab books off of them. Ken encourages you to get as creative as you want with the paint, adding rainbows, suns and stars.

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Juice it or Lose it - Home & Family

Joe Cross’s Juices

The author of “Juice it or Lose it” Joe Cross is in the kitchen showing you how to take simple vegetables and turn them into delicious juices. Joe lost over a hundred of pounds on his health journey, which was captured in the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” which he also directed. He prepares a variety of juices for Home & Family, using celery, lemon, beets, cucumber and other nutritious vegetables.

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Refurbishing a Patio Set - Home & Family

Refurbished Patio Furniture

Paige Hemmis takes an old patio set and refurbishes it to make it look brand new. The first thing she does is scrape the patio set from top to bottom, to get down to raw metal. From there, she takes spray paint to coat the furniture. She uses Krylov Covermaxx because it provides rust protection. She advises you to use several layers of paint, which takes just a couple of minutes to dry in between each coat.

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Mommy-to-be Skin Solutions

Four month pregnant Kristin Smith is offering up some clever skin solutions for all those expecting mothers out there. She admits that she experienced dry and itchy skin when she pregnant with her first child. Some of the products she recommends are Mommy Stretch Mark Butter Cream, Organic Belly Balm and Detoxinista DIY Stretch Mark Cream.

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