A fun and creative DIY from Ken Wingard.


  • 8 ft 1x4 board
  • 3⁄4 in 4x8 piece of MDF
  • 2 inch screws
  • Tape measure
  • Sander
  • Compound miter saw
  • Nail gun
  • Drill
  • White paint
  • Wood filler

DIY Cloud Bookcases - Home & Family


1) First thing you want to do is decide how long you want your cloud bookshelf ledges to be

2) We used 2ft wide shelves and we needed 3 of them total

3) Use the compound miter saw to cut the 1×4 board into (3) 2ft boards -Sand down the edges

4) Next we traced out the large clouds on the MDF board

5) Draw your cloud shape

6) Mark your MDF and draw your large clouds from those lines - Draw one large cloud

7) Cut it with my jigsaw, then used it to trace the other large clouds.

8) Once you have all 3 large clouds cut with your jigsaw you’ll want to cut your 3 smaller clouds (I drew these clouds at 16 inches wide each).

9)Use your power sander to smooth out the edges.

10) Once you have everything cut it’s time to put the shelves together

11) Lay the 1×4 down on a flat surface

12) Place the large cloud behind it, flat side down flush with the 1×4 board. Use your 2 inch screws to attach the cloud to the board (we used 4 screws in each).

13) Line up your small cloud to the front of the 1×4 board and attach with your nail gun

14) Since we built 3 bookshelf ledges and used the same large and small clouds as templates for all 3, on one of the bookshelf ledges we just flipped the clouds so they faced in the other direction.

15) Paint the cloud bookshelf ledges white and let dry.

16) To hang, use a stud finder to find your stud.

17) hen drill a part of the large cloud directly into the stud and countersink your screws. -Use a little wood filler to fill the gap and touch up with white paint.

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