Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

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DIY Remembrance Poppies - Home & Family

DIY Remembrance Poppies

Ken Wingard is showing you how to make your own remembrance poppies in honor of Memorial Day this Monday. He explains that the remembrance poppy is an artificial flower to commemorate fallen soldiers. He also talks about his closeness with his own father who was a veteran and describes how poppies were displayed at his funeral.

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Homemade Samoa Cookies - Home & Family

Homemade Samoas

Author of “Siriously Delicious,” Siri Daly is in the kitchen showing you how to make homemade samoas! The base of the samoa is your standard sugar cookie. Use a sharp knife to cut hole in the center of the cookie. When pouring on the chocolate sauce, thin it a bit using vegetable oil.

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Hillsong Young & Free

Laura Toggs and Aodhan King of the band Hillsong Young & Free perform their single “Let Go” for the audience.

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Side Yard Remodel

Paige Hemmis continues to work on the yard remodel. Today she is teaming up with Home Depot associate Jason Nieblas to show you what products you should check out for your new yard makeover. Items include plants, Taverna Sierra Blend Concrete Paver and a Nexgrill Evolution Propane Gas Grill.

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Sugar Ray Leonard

Boxing legend and philanthropist Sugar Ray Leonard visits Home & Family to talk about the upcoming “Big Fighters, Big Cause” charity boxing night. The event features entertainment, professional boxing bouts and iconic memorabilia and all the proceeds benefit the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation.

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Mezze Cake - Home & Family

Mezze Cake

Co-authors of “Bosh,” Henry Firth and Ian Teasby are in the kitchen making a mezzo cake with vegetable layers. To save time roast the vegetables before adding to the cake. Make sure you let the cake cool before adding the hummus.

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DIY Craft Table Apron - Home & Family

DIY Craft Table Apron

Orly Shani is making a craft table apron using a table, quilt, pins, sewing machine and fabric scissors. Hammer the apron to the table using thumb tacks. In the end, the apron will help you stay more organized when completing your DIY projects!

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Comfort Cases

Founder of Comfort Cases, Robert Scheer sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his organization, which helps brighten the futures of foster children.

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Debbie is in the kitchen giving you some tips on how to keep it in tip top shape using baking soda, water, rubber gloves, dish cloth, spatula, spray bottle and white vinegar. She also reminds you lemons disinfect surfaces naturally.

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Sharing Her Story

Kym Douglas sits down with family members to share her story of fighting DCIS, a non-invasive cancer that is found in the milk ducts of the breasts. She emphasizes that she is stage zero. She also shares Kym will be having a double masectomy this week. When the surgery is done, Kym will be in full recovery.