Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

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Jo Naufahu visits

The actor talks to Mark and Cristina about his role on the HBO hit television series, “Game of Thrones,” and describes how he was able to bring a little comedy to his character, Khal Moro. He also explains the challenges of learning the fake Dothraki language for the role. After his interview, Joe demonstrates some of his cooking skills by making Oka Ceviche. When making the dish, he recommends using sushi-grade fish for the best flavor. After making the ceviche, he suggests letting it marinate in the fridge for 10-15 minutes before serving.

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DIY Finalist: Lorri Dyner - Home & Family

Easy Paint Stamped Curtains

Dream Jobbing finalist Lorri Dynar from Westchester, New York is on Home & Family demonstrating how easy it is to make stamped curtains using vegetables as your prints. The vegetables with the lowest water content work the best because they stay mess-free. You can let the curtains dry on the rod when you are done. You don’t only have to use vegetables for your print, you can also use household products like bottles and toilet paper rolls.

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Mommy Approved Baby Products

Kristin Smith has a whole new list of products she has discovered that moms everywhere will love. From reusable pouches that help you make your own natural baby food to the Lollypop, which helps you defrost food without having it lose nutrients. Finally, she introduces you to a medicine delivery bottle, which helps make giving medicine to a baby much easier.

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Alzheimer's Awareness - Home & Family

Move for Minds Experience

Maria Shriver is joined by brain scientist, Dr. Judy Pa to talk about Alzheimer’s Awareness. This is a cause close to Maria since her father passed away of the disease in 2011. The doctor talks about common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s, including that all people get it when they get older, which is not true. Maria brings up the alarming fact that two-thirds of of those with this disease are women. The Move for Minds Experience launches May 21st and the mission is to bring the disproportionate affect of Alzheimer’s on women into the spotlight. Maria’s goal is to educate the baby boomers about this disease and share with them the research that is happening today.

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DIY Lunchbox Into a Backpack - Home & Family

DIY Lunchbox Into a Backpack

Orly Shani has a DIY to help make your life a little easier. Using a lunchbox, E6000 super glue, nylon belt and scissors, she is showing how to make a lunchbox that turns into a backpack. The backpack straps are adjustable, which helps keep the backpack in place. This entire DIY will only cost you under $10 and your kids will love it!

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Pace Webb Cooks - Home & Family

Pace Webb Cooks

The chef and lifestyle expert, Pace Webb is in the kitchen whipping up a delicious hanger steak with green harissa sauce. She explains that the first got into cooking after she was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 17, and subsequently started taking a bigger interest in what she was putting in her body. She suggests using hanger steak for this particular dish because it is a tender cut and much more affordable than a filet. Pace pairs this dish with marinated vegetables and olive bread.

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Bedroom Decorating for Spring

Orly Shani offers up some bedroom decorating tips that are perfect for spring. She recommends finding details that make your room unique, then add color, patterns, textures and personal touches. You can also try rearranging a room and rotating the furniture to change the look. You can easy swap pieces of furniture with friends to create a new look to your room.

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Check on Me App

Dr. Brian Russell talks about his new app, Check on Me, which helps loved ones be alerted of their safety on a daily basis. This app allows you to let multiple people know if you are in danger or in need of help. The app also tracks your location every hour. Not only is this a good app to use for parents concerned about the whereabouts of their children, but also children who are concerned about their elderly parents.

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Sophie Uliano's 30-Day Plan - Home & Family

Healthy Swimsuit Plan

Sophie Uliano is revealing her healthy swimsuit plan that anybody can try to get their bodies ready for summer. Before starting the plan, she encourages you to find a friend to do it with. The 30 day program is very simple and has only three changes. First, avoid all refined sugars, including those found in juices and soda. Choose foods that digest slowly, that includes whole grains, fruits and veggies. Finally, avoid refined foods which includes flour, pasta, white breads and potatoes. Finally, Sophie advises you to consume more good fats which includes nuts and avocado. Remember while you are doing this plan to consume lots of water and to avoid soda at all cost.

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