Julie Benz Interview

Julie Benz stops by to talk about her third season premiere of her SyFy hit, “Defiance,” which premieres June 12th. The actress talks about what it has been like filming in Toronto in all types of weather conditions. When Julie is on set, she gets to take her two dogs Bamboo and Sugar, who are both seasoned travelers! She also had a variety of jobs before working as a professional actress, which included being a perfume-sprayer, an ice cream scooper and a receptionist at a gym. Julie also shares photos from her wedding, that she helped plan when she was on set. Mark and Cristina gift Julie with doggie sweaters for those extra-cold winters in Canada.

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Cedar Planked Salmon - Home & Family

Cedar Planked Salmon

Alex Thomopoulos is in the Home & Family backyard grilling up some cedar planked salmon. First, Alex tells you to buy your wooden plank at the supermarket and soak it in water for an hour, so the food won’t burn when it is on the grill. Make sure you place the salmon on the plank, skin side down. The wooden plank adds a smoky taste to the fish. You can also use the cedar plank up to four times.

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Romantic Fantasy Swing - Home & Family

Romantic Fantasy Swing

Kenneth Wingard teams up with Tanya Memme to create a whimsical addition to any backyard, a fantasy swing! They remind you to use a endurable hardwood like green oak, teak or redwood. The swing is great for outdoor weddings, parties or celebrations. Mark even took some photos of Tanya having fun on the swing.

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Dog Bite Prevention

Laura Nativo talks about the “Stop the 77” Campaign that helps educate pet owners about how to safely love their dogs. Laura reminds Home & Family that dogs don’t like hugs and kisses and to leave them alone when they are eating or sleeping. She encourages parents to teach their kids when to stay and when to walk away from their dogs. Happy dogs smile with relaxed eyes and wagging tails, when dogs get tense, they are stiffer, with their mouths closed and hard eyes.
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Grey Damon Interview

Actor Grey Damon sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about his NBC series, “Aquarius” which takes place in 1967 Los Angeles. Damon co-stars alongside David Duchovny. He explains how in the show their characters develop a veteran and rookie relationship. When it came to preparing for the role, Damon immersed himself in the 60’s culture, including listening to a lot of Otis Redding tunes. After the interview, Cristina, Mark and Grey test their 60’s trivia with some multiple choice questions.
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Carson Dean and the Treadmill - Home & Family

Carson Dean and the Treadmill

Treadmill Dancer Carson Dean talks to Mark and Cristina about his famous viral video that got over 100 million hits online before being taken down for copyright reasons. He came up with the treadmill routine from just getting into the groove while working out. Carson also has a gymnastics background, which explains his flexibility on the treadmill. He shows off his moves for Home & Family!

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Ask the Family

Home & Family take to social media to ask some viewer questions. Kym recommends Bag Balm for cracked and dry feet, Ken recommends Window Fill for the frosty look on your shower window, Dr. JJ suggests mixing new foods with familiar foods when it comes it comes to introducing babies to more solid foods. Finally, Laura advises pet owners to always consult a vet for how to properly treat a bee sting with their dog, since all breeds are different.

Things You're Doing Wrong in the Shower - Home & Family

Things You're Doing Wrong in the Shower

Kym Douglas is back to give you some proper instructions on how to shower better. If you are suffering from inflammation or Rosacea, avoid taking hot showers. Showers should not last longer than ten minutes because your skin loses natural oils. Throw out loofahs after a month because mold and bacteria builds up.

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Eye Health for Children - Home & Family

Eye Health for Children

Dr. JJ talks about the importance of eye care for children. She advises parents that light hypersensitivity can be a sign of glaucoma. She also suggests parents to play hand eye coordination games like patty cake. Also, new parents should change up a baby’s position in their crib so they can experience different viewpoints. If you see your child experiencing a lazy eye, make sure you visit an optometrist immediately. The key is to give your child sunglasses, provide them a healthy diet of vitamin A and omega fatty acids, to help promote good eye health in children.

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Why Kids Make You Fat and How to Get Your Body Back

New York Times Bestselling Author Mark McDonald is here to talk about why parents gain weight after having children. The average dad puts on ten pounds with the birth of a baby. Mark says he gained 35 pounds after the birth of his first child and he had to learn how to stay healthy and continue to exercise. Mark says you can still balance your diet, eating every three hours. He also suggests swapping out a desk chair for an exercise ball. Make it a fun, family affair with healthy meals and fun fitness activities! 

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