Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

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Rebekka Johnson and Kimmy Gatewood of the Netflix series, “Glow,” sit down with Mark and Debbie to talk about their show which starts streaming on June 23rd. The women also open up about their extensive five-week training they went through to portray professional wrestlers for the show.

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Making Summer Must-Haves for Less

Kym Douglas is keeping you beautiful this summer and saving you money by showing you how to make your own de-frizz spray and bronzer moisturizer. She also explains that aloe vera promotes hair strength and shine. Meanwhile, with the bronzer, Kym recommends using cocoa in the mixture to moisturize the skin.

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Catfish Tacos - Home & Family

Catfish Tacos

Chef and owner of Fatbird Restaurant, Cat Cora is in the kitchen preparing mouth-watering catfish tacos. She recommends you marinade the catfish for an hour before cooking and only cook the fish two minutes on each side. She pairs the catfish with a delicious slaw to help bring out the fish’s flavor.

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DIY Wedding Card Art - Home & Family

DIY Wedding Card Art

Hallmark signature designer Mandy Freeland visits Home & Family to introduce to DIY wedding card art. She suggests when giving a wedding card, try and interpret the bride’s style or express your own. Also keep the color palette always in mind.

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Hillsong United

The Christian band, Hillsong United visit Home & Family and perform their worldwide hit, “Wonder,” for the audience. The song is currently available on their new album.

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Cherry Scones - Home & Family

Christmas Cherry Scones

Ken Wingard is getting into the Christmas spirit by baking cherry scones. He gives you the extra tip to use frozen butter in the batter to create a steam and as it bakes, which will help form flaky layers.

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How to Save Money on Air Conditioning - Home & Family

How to Save Money on you A/C Bill

Mark is giving you some extra tips on how to cut down on that A/C bill of yours, this includes using shades and curtains, which can lower your home’s temperature by 20 degrees. He also points out that cotton sheets will help you stay cooler when you sleep. Mark also has a DIY the will help your home cool down in summer.

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DIY Fruit Tray - Home & Family

DIY Fruit Serving Trays

Paige Hemmis is taking plywood, drawer pulls, drill, a paint brush, sandpaper and circular saw and making a fruit serving tray. An extra pro tip is to have your local hardwood store pre-cut the plywood for you. The total cost of this DIY project is $10.

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What Does Your Color Say About You?

GM Motors global director Sharon Gauci talks to Home & Family about what a car colors say about the owner. For example, black is a deep color that says the driver is serious and powerful while white cars say the driver is seen as modern and sporty. Just be cautious, white cars get pulled over the most.

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Keeping Kids Stay Busy this Summer

With kids on summer vacation, mommy blogger Kristin Smith has a DIY to help them kill the free time, a DIY treasure hunt sandbox! She also introduces you to Doodle Duvets that come with wash-out fabric markers and can be machine washed.