Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

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Dollywood's Fried Chicken - Home & Family

Dollywood’s Fried Chicken

Dolly Parton is joining Home & Family to show everybody how to make her famous Dollywood Fried Chicken. Dolly calls this one of her favorite dishes because it brings back so many childhood memories of growing up on the farm. Fried chicken was always served to celebrate special occasions. Cristina points out that the recipe is so easy to follow that anybody can do it.

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DIY Braided Leather Purse - Home & Family

DIY Leather Belt Purse

Dolly introduces Mark and Cristina to some of the leather belt purses you can purchase at Dollywood. Ken Wingard and Paige Hemmis decided to take leather braiding lessons while there and show off the belts that they made. The two show the audience what they learned when they went to Smokey Creek Leather Co. to meet up with Glenn, the master craftsman who has been with Dollywood for over 20 years!

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Dolly Parton's Wig Collection - Home & Family

Favorite Wigs

It is time to have a little fun at Dollywood as Dolly introduces Home & Family to some of her favorite wigs. She jokes that the only reason she wears wigs is that she doesn’t have to worry about having a bad hair day, just a big hair day. Dolly says her hair sometimes gets so big that her husband nicknamed her “Q-Tip.”

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Smoky Mountain String Band

One of Dollywood’s signature bluegrass bands, Smoky Mountain String Band perform for Home & Family.

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Dollywood's 25 Pound Apple Pie - Home & Family

25 Pound Apple Pie

The Spotlight Bakery in Dollywood is known for their famous 25 pound homemade apple pie. Kym Douglas went to the bakery to check out all the yummy goodies and is immediately put to work by baker, Lannie! Kym also learns that one slice of pie can feed a family of four. Lannie explains that they first baked the 25 pound pie to celebrate Dollywood’s 25th anniversary and it was so popular, they started to make it regularly. Kym’s favorite part is mixing all the ingredients with her hands. The final product gets Dolly's seal of approval.

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Meet Dolly Parton's Family - Home & Family

Dolly Parton’s Family

Dolly is joined on stage by members of her family, including her brother, two cousins and two nieces. They are all in the live theater show that gets performed five times a day at Dollywood. After, they all share their favorite stories of growing up with Dolly. After their interview, they perform the emotional song “Mama” with Dolly, for the audience, which leaves Cristina in tears.

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Dolly’s Q & A

Dolly Parton sits down and takes questions from the audience.