Paige Hemmis and Ken Wingard are teaming up from Dollywood to show you this fashionable DIY.


  • 2 Genuine Leather Belts
  • 2 Large Clamps
  • 30 Inch Ruler
  • Rivets
  • Leather Hole Punch
  • Utility Knife
  • Hammer
  • Purse
  • Chain
  • A Setter and an Anvil

DIY Braided Leather Purse - Home & Family


1) Lay the belt flat

2) Cut the belt buckle end of the first belt

3) Clamp the belt

4) Mark the belt in even strips

5) Clamp the ruler

6) Mark the belt at least 4 inches from the end

7) Cut the first strip to the line

8) Readjust the clamps/ruler

9) Cut the 2nd strip

10) Remove the clamps and you should have 3 separate strands

11) Repeat steps 3-10 on your second belt

12) Braid the belts

13) Loosen or tighten the braids to your taste/height

14) Add three holes to the first belt where the buckle used to be using the leather hole punch

15) Push the rivets through the holes on each belt, leaving one side of one belt with holes to feed through the buckle

16) Hammer the rivets in place on each belt using the setter and anvil, set aside belts

17) Remove the chains from the purse

18) Slide the chains through the loops you created

19) Cut the excess chain

20) Attach to the purse

21) Buckle together and voila!

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