Cheryl Ladd Interview - Home & Family

Cheryl Ladd Interview

Cheryl Ladd stops by Home & Family to chat about her new Original Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie “Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding Dress” starring alongside Lori Loughlin. Cheryl also opens up about her legendary career, especially her breakout role in the iconic series, “Charlie’s Angels,” a role she initially turned down! Mark and Cristina surprise Cheryl with a Wedding Dress Test, where she has to match the bride to the wedding gown.

Don't miss Cheryl in the Original Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Movie "Garage Sale Mystery: The Wedding," premiering Sunday, August 9th, 9/8c on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel.

Chef Jill Donenfeld Cooks - Home & Family

Chef Jill Donenfeld

Love toast? Well Chef Jill Donenfeld is in the Home & Family kitchen too cook up three delicious snacks that you can serve on toast, including Hot Miso Crab and Marinated Shrimp, Celery and Green Olives. For the vegetarians, she also prepares Zingy White Beans and Tomatoes. Jill also brings up that her cookbook , “Better on Toast,” features gluten-free recipes, as well.

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Goof Proof Beauty

Kym Douglas relates to audience members who rush around in the morning, and get frazzled when it comes to their everyday beauty routine . Now Kym introduces you to goof proof beauty tips! Among the suggestions, Kym says you should wash your hair at night, so  you don’t have to blow-dry it in the morning. She also has some helpful products that will make applying your makeup a lot easier.

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Eileen Davidson Interview

One of the stars of “The Young and the Restless,” Eileen Davidson sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her character Ashley and what it was like recently winning an Emmy for her role. She jokes that her current storyline involving a love triangle is very similar to one she had in the 80’s. Eileen also opens up about what it is like to star alongside Kym Douglas’s real life husband, Jerry. The actress doesn’t act on television, she was also featured on the popular reality show, “Real Housewives on Beverly Hills.”

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DIY Outdoor Entertainment Table

Ken Wingard is back to show you how to make the perfect outdoor entertainment table that will be wonderful for any party. If you were to purchase your own table it can cost you up to $125, but when you make your own using Ken’s instructions, it will cost you only $20!

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USA Jump Stars

The USA Jump Stars take to the Home & Family stage to show off their wild jump rope skills. The goal of the USA Jump Stars is to promote a way to create a healthy body and mind. Their main focus is fighting childhood obesity and heart disease.

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Dan Kohler is in the Kitchen - Home & Family

The Science Behind Shrub-Fruit Preservation

Food Scientist Dan Kohler is back in the Home & Family kitchen talking about shrub-fruit. He explains that a shrub is the vinegar from the preserved fruit. You can use sugar to preserve the fruit and when sugar decomposes it turns into vinegar. Dan shows Home & Family how to preserve fruit with the sugar. He later serves the strained liquid by adding it to a cocktail and soda water.

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DIY Barefoot Sandals

Tanya Memme returns with the perfect summertime DIY: barefoot sandals! This DIY is perfect for all ages, is easy to make and you can get as creative as you like.

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The Art of Watering Plants - Home & Family

The Art of Watering Plants

Shirley Bovshow shows you how what you need to know when it comes to watering your plants. She suggests making sure your hose reaches the farthest area of the yard. Rubber is the gold standard when it comes to hose material. Also, when it comes to buying a hose, select the heaviest weight you can handle without straining yourself. Finally, select nozzles by or low pressure and coverage width.

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