Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

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Fabio Interview

The famous supermodel Fabio visits Home & Family to talk about what it was like moving to America at the age of 19 from Italy! Once here, he won a modeling contract in New York during his first week. That week, Fabio also landed one of the biggest campaign’s for the clothing line, GAP, which sent him to Hawaii. The model has lived in the United States for 30 years and just recently became a citizen, acing his citizenship test. Fabio tests Mark and Debbie on their own test taking skills by giving them sample questions that can be found on the citizenship test.

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Bizarre Beauty Products

Kym Douglas has discovered beauty products from all around the world and is introducing them to you. From “Luscious Lips” that enhance your lip size to “Bring It Up” a tape that instantly gives you a neck lift, Kym has you covered for all your beauty needs.

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Crispy Shrimp Tacos - Home & Family

Chef Joel Miller Cooks

The executive chef of “The Wallace” restaurant is in the Home & Family kitchen preparing crispy shrimp tacos with spiced crema, Asian pear & apple salsa & cotija cheese. Jeff talks about how his restaurant pays tribute to California cuisine and these tacos do just that. He pairs the tacos with a delicious Oaxaca fresca cocktail.

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DIY Living Succulent Chair - Home & Family

DIY Living Succulent Chair

Ken Wingard has a fun DIY using succulents. You can use any chair, wood or metal and the best part about this DIY is you can find the chair at a thrift store to save money. This succulent chair can either be placed inside or outside, but remember to use a drip tray to avoid messes when watering the plants.

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Daniella Alonso Interview

Daniella sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about her TNT series, “Animal Kingdom,” which airs Tuesdays at 9/8c. She opens up about the whirlwind audition process before she landed the dramatic role, which also stars Ellen Barkin. The actress discusses what it was like growing up in New York City and not getting her drivers license until she was 26. As a joke, Mark tests out Daniella’s test-taking skills by giving her sample DMV questions.

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Dr. JJ's Roundtable - Home & Family

Dr. JJ Roundtable

Dr. JJ sits down with the family members to discuss how involved dads help kids develop. The is the case with more and more fathers becoming single dads to their children in the past ten years. Dr. JJ goes on to discuss how male bonding encourages a child’s exploration and independence, as well as helps to decrease the likeliness of risky adolescent behaviors.

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The Science of Grilling

Dan Kohler is outside talking about the science of grilling. He explains that charcoal is his favorite to grill with because it leaves a smoky flavor and burns hotter and cleaner than wood. He then introduces the family members to the variety of options of charcoal you can choose!

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Mark Steines' BBQ Ribs - Home & Family

Mark Cooks

The family members are surrounding the grill to watch Mark cook mouth-watering BBQ ribs, one of his favorite dishes to make for his sons. While making the rub, Mark explains the more you use, the spicier the ribs. Today, he’s making his future father-in-law’s recipe for BBQ ribs and it is a huge hit at the table.

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Teddy Bear Care - Home & Family

DIY Teddy Bear Care

Kristin Smith has a great DIY that will help you preserve that prized childhood teddy bear that you want to pass down to your own kids. She introduces Mark and Debbie to her childhood teddy bear, “Bear Bear” to show how to care for a stuffed animal. She makes her own eco-friendly solution to keep the teddy bear clean and shows you how you can at home, too.

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