Mat Franco Interview

Mat Franco brings his talents to Home & Family and talks about being the first magician to win “America’s Got Talent.” Mat never expected to win and since the show, his life has been a whirlwind! Mat admits he wanted to be a magician since he was six, but took a liking to it when he was four. With supportive parents, Mat helped make his dream into a reality!

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Brian Malarkey Cooks

Top Chef Finalist Brian Malarkey is in the Home & Family kitchen cooking Whole Roasted Branzino with Olives and Saffron. Brian also talks about his new restaurant, Herringbone, that is opening at the Santa Monica beach this summer. Brian says the key to really good seafood is the freshness. The chef also prepares a delicious strawberry spritzer to accompany the main dish!

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Fourth of July Hacks - Home & Family

4th of July Celebration Hacks

With Independence Day around the corner, Kym Douglas talks about various celebration hacks you can do to make your party a lot cleaner and easier!

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Stretching for Exercise

Fitness Consultant Ashley Borden demonstrates the importance of stretching to prevent injuries. Stretching can also be incorporated into your regular everyday routines. Ashley also shows you how you can even stretch while watching TV. Lunges and planks are also a great way to get your body bikini ready.

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Levar Burton Interview - Home & Family

Levar Burton Interview

Actor Levar Burton sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about migrating his iconic PBS children’s show “Reading Rainbow” to an app, to help children learn. Skybrary is the app service Levar used on the web and it became more accessible to kids everywhere with the help of Kickstarter. The entire mission is to get kids to read more. Seth MacFarlane even donated a million dollars to the campaign, helping it to become successful.

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Fourth of July Flag Cake - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks

Cristina is baking a colorful 4th of July cake in the kitchen and shows you how you can, too. When the cake is sliced, it looks like an American flag on the inside! Cristina says the key to the buttercream is whipping it really well for three minutes to make sure it is smooth.

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Fourth of July Tablescape - Home & Family

4th of July Tablescape

Ken Wingard is in the Home & Family backyard to show you how to get this 4th of July looking extra festive with a decorative tablescape. He reminds you that if you are going to use real flowers, make sure they will last in the heat, but recommends silk flowers to lower the cost.

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Elaine Brye and Captain Katrina Moon Visit

Elaine Brye, the author of “Be Safe, Love Mom” stops by to talk abut what it is like to be the proud mother of four members of the military. She is joined by her daughter, Captain Katrina Moon of the United States Air Force. Elaine wanted to write a book to help other military moms out there and to offer up support. Elaine’s children have been deployed nine times and it never gets easy. Elaine’s youngest son, 1st LT Brendan Brye Skypes in with his mom from Ft Walton Beach to talk about military life and share what an inspiration his mother is.

Fourth of July Pet Safety - Home & Family

4th of July Pet Safety

Laura Nativo is here to discuss pet safety for this 4th of July and to describe how to keep your animals calm during all the loud noises of fireworks. Laura recommends keeping your pets crated in a secure room on the 4th of July. She also suggests making scary sounds be more positive for dogs. Finally, she makes a doggy cake to keep them occupied while the fireworks are going off!

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