Kym's 4th of July Celebration Hacks

Save time with these 4th of July party hacks!

1. Use a shower curtain as a beach towel for your family! It's bigger, so it can fit everyone AND the sand and grime comes RIGHT off! Phew! Disclaimer: always place the shower curtain under an umbrella OR put individual towels on top; plastic can get quite hot in the sun.

2. Make your beverages bug-proof! Take a mason jar and put a paper cup cake wrapper over the top and secure with the outer rim of the mason jar top. Then, cut the bottom of your straw at a diagonal angle and pierce through the wrapper. Voila!

3. Cooler Corn- you can cook dozens of ears of corn at once! Just fill a cooler full of corn and cover with boiling water. Shut the lid and come back 30 minutes later. You'll be amazed by how delicious it tastes!

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