Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

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Alysia Reiner Interview

The actress returns to Home & Family to talk about her new film, “Equity,” which is a movie about a female-centric Wall Street. She says this is the very first Wall Street film post 2016, so it touches on recent regulations and crash. Alysia says this movie really spoke to her heart after talking to real life female Wall Street executives and finding out what they go through in a male-driven industry. The film opens in New York and Los Angeles on July 29th.

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Chef Mya Zoracki Bakes - Home & Family

Chef Mya Zoracki Visits

The founder of Feed Your Soul Bakery, Mya Zoracki is in the kitchen talking about her bakery’s use of all-natural ingredients and their work with giving back to the community by feeding the homeless. Today, Mya is getting into the holiday spirit by baking santa hat mini-cheesecakes with triple chocolate cookie crust. She recommends getting your butter and eggs at room temperature for a fluffier baked item.

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DIY Candy Lights - Home & Family

DIY Candy Lights

Ken Wingard teams up with Kristin Smith to make DIY candy lights. Kristin turned to Ken for help when she realized her son Kingston’s room definitely needed some decorating. The best part is most of the materials can be found around your house. Ken recommends using LED lights for safety. This entire DIY will cost you under $15 and create a world of difference in your kid’s room.

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Jason McGee and the Choir

Jason McGee and his choir take to the Home & Family stage to perform the holiday classic, “Joy to the World.”

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Kim Hawthorne Interview - Home & Family

Kim Hawthorne Interview

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about her new OWN series, “Greenleaf,” which had the highest-rated series premiere in the network’s history. Before “Greenleaf,” Kim was drawn to her character because she is cutthroat and lives a life without borders. As an actress, she loves the freedom she gets playing such a complex character. Today, Kim shows off her DIY skills by creating a beaded necklace.

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The Perfect Black Dress with the Perfect Nails

Lawrence Zarian teams up with Katie Cazorla of “The Painted Nail” to show you what color nails go best with that perfect little black holiday dress. Lawrence hosts a fashion show featuring some of the hottest little back dresses available for women of all sizes and ages. Meanwhile, Katie says sparkles and bold colors work best with a black dress.

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DIY Bling Pet Collar - Home & Familiy

Holiday Pet Gifts

Kym Douglas has a list of cute gift ideas for those with furry friends. She introduces you to fun plush chew toys and cologne that helps get rid of that pet odor that sometimes takes over your house. Finally, Paige Hemmis steps in to show you how to make your very own bling collar for your cat or dog.

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Gift Wrapping Trends - Home & Family

Wrapping Paper Trends

Hallmark product manager Carly Unger visits with Mark and Debbie to talk about her job and the latest in gift wrapping. She talks about how her job is a combo of personal style and trends when it comes to designing wrapping paper. She introduces Mark and Debbie to the latest themes in Hallmark’s gift wrapping: preppy & pretty, artful and signature. She also recommends adding accessories to the gift wrapping to make your presents stand out.

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Home & Family Roundtable

The family members all gather around to talk about their favorite holiday cookie traditions.
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