Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

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DIY Christmas Stockings - Home & Family

DIY Christmas Stockings

Orly Shani, Maria Provenzano and Ken Wingard are teaming up to make their own Christmas stockings. An additional tip is to use your cookie cutters as stencils when placing designs on the stockings. Guest host Nick Lachey shares that his family also gets into the stocking decoration spirit every year. Maria is making a whimsical dessert stocking, Orly is making a glam stocking and Ken is making a rustic stocking.

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Christmas Breakfast Casserole - Home & Family

Christmas Breakfast Casserole

TV host and actress Vanessa Lachey is in the kitchen preparing a Christmas breakfast casserole with sausage, hashed browns and cheese. She says this dish is perfect for big families because it is easy to make and kids will devour it. Just remember to allow the casserole to completely cool before serving.

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Jason McGee and The Choir

Jason McGee and The Choir hit the Home & Family stage to perform the holiday classic, “The First Noel.”

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Ken Crow Visits - Home & Family

Ken Crow

Hallmark Keepsake Artist Ken Crow visits Home & Family to talk about this year’s ornaments including Santa’s Magic Train, Christmas Carousel and Christmas lantern. He also shares that he loves how his ornaments play into people’s holiday traditions every year, including his own family’s.

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Danish Waffles

Melissa Redell and Susan Halme of Solvang Bakery are making their famous Danish waffles. The base of the waffle is made with a puff pastry dough. Instead of rolling the dough with flour, roll it with sugar. When you are done, you can choose a variety of fillings for the waffles, including a vanilla buttercream frosting or raspberry jam.

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DIY Family Christmas Photo Chargers

Ken Wingard is taking glass chargers and turning them into a festive DIY. The chargers are a great way to show off your family’s holiday photos. Ken says he was inspired by Nick to do this DIY, since his grandmother used to love doing her own similar DIY every year. Before getting started, make sure your plates are clear.

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Keepsake Ornament Club and Dream Box - Home & Family

Keepsake Ornament Club and Dream Book

Product Director of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Nicole Reid and Hallmark Keepsake Master Artist Ken Crow discuss their new project, Keepsake Ornament Club and Dream Box. When you sign up for the Keepsake Ornament Club, you receive studio gifts exclusive to its members and an annual subscription to Hallmark Movies Now.

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Atticus Shaffer

Actor Atticus Shaffer sits down with Nick and Debbie to discuss his voice acting work in the movie, “Harvey Street Kids,” which is now streaming on Netflix. He also brings a clip from the series for the audience to enjoy.

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Lamb Chops with Cauliflower Mash - Home & Family

Lamb Chops with Cauliflower Mash

Danielle Kartes is in the kitchen making a hearty holiday dish of lamb chops with cauliflower mash. In order to save time, you can make the butter and herb rub ahead of time. For even more flavor, you can add parsnips, sweet potatoes and carrots to the mash. She tops the mash with parmesan cheese. Avoid cooking the lamb rare, she recommends medium to well.

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