Tyler Lepley Talks About ‘The Haves and Have Nots'

Actor Tyler Lepley stops by Home & Family to talk about his television drama “The Haves and Have Nots” on the OWN Network. Tyler opens up about what it was like when he got that phone call from the one and only Tyler Perry offering him the part. Tyler also admits that director Tyler Perry is quite the jokester, at one point making him believe he was going to get fired from the show!

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Fabio Viviani Cooks Roasted Pork Shoulder with Tuscan Salmoriglio Sauce

Chef and author of “Fabio’s American Home Kitchen,” Fabio Viviani returns to the kitchen to whip up a Roasted Pork Shoulder with Tuscan Salmoriglio Sauce. Fabio explains the first steps in making the pork shoulder is to create a brine of sugar and salt, to make the meat more tender. Everybody is in awe of how delicious the final product is, even after the kitchen turns into a cloud of smoke from the pork sizzling on the stove top!

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Kym Douglas’s Hot Beauty Haves

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas reveals what the hottest beauty trends are. She introduces the “It’s Butter Baby” Black Soap that helps rid your skin of toxins without drying it.  Kym demonstrates lip enhancements on Mark, much to his embarrassment. Kym also introduces her favorite face mask made out of lace and she places it on Tyler - he’s a good sport about the whole experience. The final product that Kym introduces is bee venom, which is described as Botox in a jar.

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Debbie and David Talk Fashion

Fashion Designer David Meister and TV Personality Debbie Matenopoulos are back to talk about the upcoming Golden Globes and make some red carpet fashion predictions. David explains that we will be seeing a lot of the color red this year. Debbie also models one of David’s dresses for Cristina. David and Debbie say to look for glamour at any age, and that simple jewelry is going to be seen a lot, as well.

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Garret Dillahunt Talks About the Return of 'Justified’

Actor Garret Dillahunt opens up to Mark and Cristina about the return of FX’s ‘Justified.’ Garett describes his friendship with the show’s star, Timothy Olyphant. Garett also talked about his 18 year marriage to actress Michelle Hurd and how they met on the set of a play. Garett is staying busy because he is also getting ready for the opening of his new movie which opens January 23rd called ‘Against the Sun.” Preparing for the role involved a huge physical transformation as he plays a man who survives for 34 days without food or water.

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Shirley Cooks Up Honduran Tamales

Foodie Gardener Shirley Bovshow is in the kitchen showing Home & Family how to make Honduran Tamales. The big difference between Honduran tamales and Mexican tamales is the texture, since the Honduran ones are made with ground corn, called masa. The most important ingredient is called recardo, which adds the flavor to the tamales. This makes the perfect meal because you can prepare and assemble them with your entire family.

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Justin Klosky Gets Organized

CEO of O.C.D. Experience, Justin Klosky wants to help the audience get organized for the new year. O.C.D. stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but Justin has turned that around to make it stand for Organize, Create, and Discipline. Justin thinks everybody should create more space to be more organized. Justin believes in simplicity and thinks that is the key to keeping things easy. Justin also advises that every woman empty her purse nightly to keep it orderly. Justin reminds everybody that when you are organized, you get peace of mind and clarity.

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Kenneth Makes a Shoe Rack

Lifestyle Expert Kenneth Wingard is back to show you how to make a DIY Shoe Rack out of PVC pipe. The shoe rack works effectively because it keeps your house organized and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg! At the end, your shoe rack should cost around $20-$40 to make, depending on the size of pipe you use.

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Kitten Bowl II Countdown

Veterinarian Karen “Doc” Halligan , Cinematographer Sam Nicholson and Animal Trainer Chris Perondi are all back to talk about the upcoming Hallmark Channel Kitten Bowl II. Sam talks about filming the Kitten Bowl II commercial which features the special effects to make it look like 80,000 cats and dogs in the audience of the Kitten Bowl. 80,000 is a significant number because that’s about how many animals get euthanized each week and that is a way to bring awareness to the issue. Chris demonstrates the fun tricks he has taught the dogs he has adopted.

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Cristina Answers Questions

Cristina takes the time to answer some questions from social media regarding thank you cards. She emphasizes that each card should be addressed personally and acknowledging each gift that was received. Because it is always nice to be acknowledged, Cristina also makes her own thank you notes and adds a special touch to each one.

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