Kitten Bowl IV

Over 100 adoptable kittens and coaches prepare for a gridiron match up for the ages in Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl IV. We’ll take a look back at the Feline Football League season, review the cuddly playoff matchups and get up close and purrsonal with some of the FFL’s top cat-letes. Announced by Mary Carillo and John Sterling and hosted by Beth Stern.
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Cats can jump seven times their own height... but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. 😂 Fri Oct 13 17:03:04 EDT 2017
Remember this? A big play by by Julius Peepers and our cat-letes getting crazy with the fans! Wed Oct 04 19:09:30 EDT 2017
We are LIVE with Beth Stern talk about Kitten Bowl 5! Wed Oct 04 13:30:40 EDT 2017
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