Kitten Bowl II Preview

Don’t miss Kitten Bowl II when it makes its debut on Sunday, February 1st at 12/11c! Purina is the sponsor for the big event. This year, there are 92 adorable kittens playing hard in the Kitten Bowl II. Mark and Cristina have fun showing off their Kitten Bowl II trading cards that you can enter to win at the Home & Family Facebook Page.

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Mary Hart Interview

Legendary TV Personality and star of ‘Baby Daddy,’ Mary Hart stops by Home & Family to talk about her show. It is a reunion for Mark and Mary, who worked side-by-side on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ years ago. Mark and Mary even have some fun with showing their bloopers from the past.

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Chef Katsuji Tanabe’s Tuna Sashimi

‘Top Chef’ Katsuji Tanabe visits Home & Family to make his Tuna Sashimi, “Japsican Style.” While preparing his dish, Katsuji talks about his experience on ‘Top Chef’ and about the final dish he prepared on the show which he jokes looked like a massacre because of all the color. 

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Healthy Habits for Kids

Beauty Expert Kym Douglas and DIY Expert Tanya Memme show off some healthy habits for kids including ways to make brushing your teeth and protecting yourself from germs seem fun.

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Manscaping 101

Fashion Expert Lawrence Zarian is back to talk about manscaping, which is the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect. 50% of all men between 20-49 groom their bodies. Lawrence admits he once had a unibrow, but using just a simple pair of tweezers helped fix that problem. Lawrence uses a wax strip on Katsuji’s eyebrows to demonstrate.

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Ava Kolker Interview

Actress Ava Kolker from ‘Girl Meets World’ stops by to talk about her hit show on the Disney Channel. She talks about how sassy and bossy her character is. Ava remembers watching the prequel to her show, ‘Boy Meets World’ with her mother when she was a little girl. Ava said she always knew she wanted to be an actor, dating back to when she was two.

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Taste of Home

Ann Bush from Colorado City, Colorado Skypes in to the show as Cristina cooks her original recipe for Coconut Italian Cream Cake. Ann says she decided to learn to cook this type of cake because her neighborhood celebrates a lot of Italian holidays so she just decided to create her own Italian dessert to bring to parties.

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Four Seasons of Life Insurance

Financial Guide Harvey Warren talks about life insurance policies. He looks at different stages of life as seasons. Start with asking how much insurance do you need and where you are in your life, financially. It all starts with seeing a good insurance agent.

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Valentine’s Day Printed Pillows

Lifestyle Expert Ken Wingard gets you ready for Valentine’s Day by showing you how to make colorful and fun printed pillows. He enlists the help of Mark to show you just how easy it is to create.
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Ask Paige Hemmis

Lifestyle Design Expert Paige Hemmis is here to answer your Facebook questions. Paige suggests putting hardwood flooring on your ceiling to cover up ugly air conditioning units. She also suggests looking into specific high-heat paint when painting your fireplace.

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