Lawrence Zarian’s Manscaping 101


Lawrence: When it comes to eyebrows…humans are supposed to have 2! So if you have one, you need to remove the bridge that connects the left and right! Look at how bad mine used to be!

Rule of Thumb: The amount of space between eyebrows should be roughly the width of a thumbprint. So you test this by looking in the mirror and pressing your thumb above your nose…if the thumb hits any hair that means you have work to do. I recommend waxing your unibrow because hair doesn’t grow back as quickly.

Unibrow watch: the amount of space between the eyebrows should match the width of a thumbprint

Facial Wax strips available at drug stores nationwide, $7.99

Eyebrows should be trimmed but not so neatly sculpted so that you look like Lucy Liu! My recommendation: to avoid looking feminine, men should not remove anything on the lower part of the brow. You can trim you brows with a tiny comb and scissors, it’s fast and easy. Comb the hair down and then trim excess hair. You can also use an eyebrow shaper for more precision as well.


Lawrence: Okay, this is a true story: a few months ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine, who is quite established in the fashion world. I noticed his hair was a bit messy so when I affectionately pushed it behind his ear I was shocked to discover that it was actually the massive bush growing out of his ears! I literally threw up in my mouth!

Manscaping rule: ears should ALWAYS be hair-free. Ear hair is the silent killer because most men don’t even know they have it. Your best bet is starting with a professional “chromium” steel trimmer with a skin guard. Then, carefully use a cotton swab to get trimmed strands out of there. But for the outer lobes I suggest using the wax strips.


You can also use your ear hair trimmer for nose hairs as well. Major rule: If any hairs extend below your nostrils they need to go IMMEDIATELY! You can also use tiny, curved scissors.


Lawrence: Nobody likes a hairy back and shoulders, so you want to keep them shaved or waxed smooth. On the other hand, the chest should be neatly trimmed but not shaved or waxed. To know if your chest hair needs trimming do the “finger wrap” test; if you can wrap the hair around your finger, it needs to be trimmed. Stay away from waxes and razors when it comes to your chest hair.

Manscaping Test: if your chest hair wraps around your finger it must be trimmed

Portable Laser Hair Remover, $299,

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