Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

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Candace Cameron Bure

Today’s guest host is Candace Cameron Bure who talks about the People’s Choice Award that her series, “Fuller House” just recently won. She also opens up about her Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series, Aurora Teagarden Mystery, and her real life friendship with co-star Marilu Henner.

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How to Make Sushi - Home & Family

How to Make Sushi Rolls

Chef Eric Crowley is in the kitchen teaching you how to make your own sushi rolls at home. Eric owns and teaches at The Culinary Classroom which offers cooking classes to every level of student. When making sushi, ask your fishmonger for sushi-grade fish.

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Recipe for Sushi Rolls >>

Recipe for Pickled Cucumbers and Sanbaizu Sauce >>

Recipe for Pickled Ginger >>

Recipe for Dashi & Ginger Dipping Sauce and Teriyaki Sauce/Glaze >>

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How to Hem Your Pants - Home & Family

How to Hem Your Pants

Orly Shani is giving you some pointers with how to hem your pants. She recommends using pins to hold the designated ideal length in place. When it comes to actually completing the hem, you can use your hands to work on trousers, but with jeans you should use a sewing machine.

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Fuller House Cast

Home & Family is in for a treat when the cast of “Fuller House” stop by for a visit. Candace is joined by Jodie Sweetin, Dave Coulier and Andrea Barber. The cast talk about the success of their Netflix series, which is already into its second season. The cast also share memories of unforgettable episodes from their comedy “Full House,” and describe how the cast has become family off-screen, too.

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Crutches Made Easy

Matt Iseman has been dealing with a life on crutches since his recent surgery and offers you some tips. He has learned that front aprons with front pockets are ideal for carrying things. To avoid spills, he recommends carrying water in a Mason jar with a lid.

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Must-Do Dog Grooming - Home & Family

Dr. Jeff Werber

The President and Chief Veterinarian of Century Veterinary Group, Dr. Jeff Werber talks about must-do dog grooming. From cutting your dogs nails to cleaning out their ears, the doctor has you covered on how to handle this important maintenance for your pet!

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The Science of Silicone - Home & Family

The Science of Silicone

Dan Kohler is here to explain the science of silicone. He talks about various silicone cookware, showing you the benefits of using them, which includes the flexibility and non-stick nature of the material.

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Keep Your Blooms Blooming

Shirley Bovshow is helping you out with keeping your flowers blooming with these helpful tips. She advises you to always cut flower stems, to allow water to be taken in. When growing tulips, you should also use a pin to prick under the head of the flower to remove air.

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DIY 3D Balloon Lamp - Home & Family

DIY 3D Balloon Lamp

Ken Wingard is celebrating baby by making a 3D Balloon Lamp that would be perfect for any nursery.

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