Leeza Gibbons Interview - Home & Family

Leeza Gibbons Interview

Author and TV Personality Leeza Gibbons visits with Mark and Cristina to talk about her relationship with her 87 year-old father and describes how a medical care device has helped him. Leeza’s father was opposed to the idea at first, but after expressing how much it meant to his kids to wear it, he obliged. Years later, the medical life alert device saved his life after a heart attack. She jokes that once he found out Betty White wears one, he stopped protesting about having to wear his. Leeza explains that this device isn’t only for the elderly, but those of all ages who have medical problems. Leeza and Mark are also celebrating announcing being announcers in the 2017 Rose Parade.

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Cristina Ferrare Makes Stracciatella Soup - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina is in the kitchen showing you some delicious soups that pair well with the cooler weather. The soups are perfect for people trying to use up their leftover vegetables. Cristina then prepares one of her favorite soups, Stracciatella Soup, which her Nona used to make for her as a child. When the soup is done, Cristina recommends topping it with fresh parmesan and romano cheese.

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DIY Wallpaper Art - Home & Family

DIY Wallpaper Art

Ken Wingard shows you how to decorate your house by creating and framing wallpaper art. Ken also shows you how to make your very own frame for the wallpaper, using plywood that he found at his local lumberyard. In the end, a 96-inch wall art display will cost you up to $1000 at a retail shop, but when you make it yourself, it will cost you less than $100!

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Grease-Inspired Fashion Show

Debbie Matenopoulos is back and she is talking about the latest craze, fashion inspired by the movie, “Grease.” She stages a fashion show, where Sophie Uliano is dressed as “Good Sandy,” and then followed by Tanya Memme dressed as “Rizzo.”

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Eve Plumb Interview

Actress Eve Plumb discusses her time as Jan Brady on the iconic television show “Brady Bunch.” More recently, Eve has been getting ready for the upcoming “Grease: Live,” which premieres January 31st, 7/6c on Fox. This is not the first time Eve has been part of a “Grease” production, she once starred as Sandy in the 80’s. The actress jokes that she is not nervous, because she still has ten days to rehearse, and she assures the audience at home that the televised live production will exceed all expectations. Eve plays Mrs. Murdoch, the auto shop teacher.

DIY Purse Clutch - Home & Family

DIY Clutch Purse

Tanya Memme is joined by her mom Beverly Barber to show you how easy it is to make your own clutch purse. This DIY was inspired by Tanya’s daughter, Ava, who discovered the project online. Beverly is an artist whose work can be seen in a lot of Canadian galleries and her message to everybody is to never stop learning or trying new things. When the ladies are done with their DIY, Tanya explains that each purse was created for under ten dollars.

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Family Gadgets for 2016

Matt Rogers is here to give you a recap of what he found at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas when it came to hot family gadgets. From a 360 camera you can attach to your tablet to a relief band that helps relieve morning sickness associated with pregnancy and motion sickness, Matt has you covered on the gadgets to be on the lookout for this year!

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Lisa Nichols Interview

Motivational Speaker Lisa Nichols opens up about how you can motivate the teenagers in your life by communicating. She explains that you should stop having monologues with your children and instead encourage a dialogue. Don’t be afraid to own your personal imperfections to your children and apologize. As always, you should give your child permission to discover their life path and fuel their dreams by asking questions.

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Quick and Healthy PIzza - Home & Family

Healthy Meals for Ken and Family

Ken Wingard turns to Sophie Uliano for help when it comes to feeding his family healthier options. Sophie has the perfect time-saving recipe for Ken! She shows him how to make his own pizza for the family, that can all be prepped days in advance. When you make your own pizza you can double up on the vegetables and cut down on the carbs using tortillas instead of a thick pizza dough.

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