Melissa Peterman Talks “Baby Daddy”
Actress Melissa Peterman talks about the premiere of the fourth season of her hit series, “Baby Daddy." Melissa chats about the amazing chemistry between the cast and even shows clips of their off camera antics. Melissa also talks about motherhood and offers insights on using humor in parenting. And later Melissa talks about her best friend and country superstar, Reba McEntire. Melissa also talks about the close relationship she has with the cast of “Baby Daddy.”

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"The CyberGuy" Kurt Knutsson's Hottest Gadgets for 2015
Fresh from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, "CyberGuy" Kurt Knuttson breaks down some of the hottest tech gadgets for 2015! From facial recognition apps to the latest in consumer drones, Kurt shows the gadgets that will be all the rave this year. And the best part about his suggestions is that they won’t break the bank.

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Chef Zach Pollack's Maharrones de Pungiu and Lamb Ragu
Chef Zach Pollack joins the Home & Family kitchen to shares his recipe for Maharrones de Pungiu and Lamb Ragu. This dish starts with small hand-rolled pasta served with a hearty lamb ragu. Zach, who is also a celebrated restauranter, reveals that cooking wasn’t his first career choice.

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"American Sniper" star Ben Reed
Actor Ben Reed opens up about his latest film, the critically acclaimed drama "American Sniper." The film depicts the life of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. Today Ben talks about working with Academy Award winning actor, Clint Eastwood and Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper. Ben also shares why this role hit so close to home as the brother of a retired member of the Army Special Forces.

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Matt Rogers’ Daddy Hacks
TV host and country singer Matt Rogers is back and this time he has a list of Daddy Hacks to help save you time and energy.

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Ken Wingard’s DIY Personal History Globe
Lifestyle Expert Kenneth Wingard shows you how to make your own DIY Personal History Globe. The craft allows you to get as creative as you want and highlight specific locations to show family origins, vacation spots, and other personal places. And while a retail globe will cost you up to $200, you can make Ken's DIY globe for under $50.

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Baby Acne with Debbie Matenopoulos and Dr. JJ

New mom, Debbie Matenopoulos introduces Home & Family to 11-week-old Alexandra Kalliope! Later Debbie is joined by Dr. JJ who talks about baby acne and when you may start noticing symptoms. Dr. JJ then offers some great advice on how baby acne can be reduced with a few simple steps.

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Dr. Wendy Wash Talks Relationships

Relationship Expert Wendy Walsh offers advice on finding love in the New Year. Wendy emphasizes that you can find love at any time. She also encourages online dating and advises that each person should know their life plan and what they are looking for when it comes to love. Plus, Dr. Walsh shares one of the biggest mistakes singles make in a new relationship.

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Katie Cazorla’s Nail Art

Owner of the Painted Nail Katie Cazorla talks about all the latest trends in nail art. Just ahead of award season, Katie shows off some of the hottest trends making the rounds on the red carpet. From Red nude to color blocked nails, Katie breaks down what's in and what's definitely out!

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