Monster SuperStar BackFloat Speaker: Floating, Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Developed with the help of basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. It floats in pool or take into tub and shower. Speaker and speakerphone, recharges with USB.  Just launched at CES 2015.  Available later this year.  Monster SuperStar BackFloat Floating Bluetooth Speaker, $169,

1U App - Biometric Technology to protect your cyber life
With last year being the year of hacking, 2015 is the year of getting unchecked and keeping your digital world safe.  Passwords and online credentials will soon be replaced with biometric technology that can see who is trying to logon to your Smartphone, laptop, bank account, etc… This is one app getting a lot of buzz called 1U.  It’s free and once you set up your photo with your email and phone number, you are able to unlock popular websites and services by showing your face into the camera on your Smartphone. Pros: Proven tighter security than passwords, keeps hackers further away from you, no more need to remember complicated numbers and symbol passwords.  If you lose your phone, no one can try to access your accounts with photos or videos of you.  And the biometric technology is so specific that even doppelgangers can’t access your accounts.  Cons: Just getting started, more sites need to adopt the 1U credential process in order for it to take off big. 1U App, free!

Ryan Secreats Typo2 Keyboard for iPhone 6: Blackberry Keyboard on an iPhone
Ryan Seacrest Typo2 keypad for the iPhone 6. Everybody loves the keyboard of the Blackberry, but they prefer the software of ios.  So Ryan Seacrest created the Typo2 Keypad.  Instantly sold out upon launch. The Typo2 is the new tactile keyboard add-on to an iPhone 6 that makes it feel like the tried and true blackberry physical type keyboard.  $99 now,  

Parrot Bebop Drone: The latest in mobile & imaging technology
Parrot Bebop Drone.  Just know that there are certain areas in which it is not all right to fly drones.  The Parrot Bebop Drone is the latest in mobile and imaging technology.  Featuring a full 1080p HD camera with 3-axis digital stabilization, users will feel as if they are in the clouds themselves.  Equipped with a 14 mega pixels fish-eye camera, the Parrot Bebop Drone takes video and pictures of the world in a 180° field with remarkable image quality. Available from December 2014, in Blue, Red and Yellow - $499USD (with two batteries included) – available at Apple and Best Buy,  Parrot Bebop Drone: $499.00, Apple Stores, Best Buy,

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