Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck Performs

Legendary singer Engelbert Humperdinck joins the show and shares his secrets to a happy 50 year year marriage. He also talks about his memories of his biggest influential artist Elvis Presley, and about what it was like working with Elton John. Engelbert is staying busy with his jewelry line. The audience gets a special treat when the singer performs “Make You Feel My Love.”

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Cristina Cooks!

Laurie Jensen from Cadillac, Michigan Skypes in with Home & Family to share her “Taste of Home” recipe for Love You Pot Pie. Laurie says she first created the recipe to create a stronger bond with her family. This is also the perfect recipe for using up your leftover chicken, turkey or roast beef.

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Table For Two

Floral Designer, Author and Director of American School of Flower Design Michael Gaffney is joined by Luxury-Lifestyle Expert and Bridal Gown Designer Jorge Perez show you how easy it is to create a romantic setting by making a Valentine’s Day table for two.

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Brennan Elliot Interview

Brennan Elliot Interview

The star of the upcoming Hallmark Channel Original Movie “All of my Heart” Brennan Elliot talks about the movie and what it was like to act side-by-side with Ed Asner. Brennan jokes that the biggest diva on the set was an actual goat! The actor also shares some Valentine’s Day greetings from his ‘Cedar Cove’ co-stars Dylan Neal and Barbara Niven.

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Fitness Challenges
Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer Natalie Jill talks about the various challenges she had to overcome, especially since gaining 60 pounds during pregnancy. Natalie decided to give herself an ultimatum to be the best version of herself. She started with a vision board and committed to a fitness routine. She also held herself accountable for what she ate by taking photos of her food. The combination of spirit, knowledge and determination was the key to her success.

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DIY Headboard - Part One

DIY Headboard

Ken Wingard shows you how easy it is to make your own headboard for your bedroom. Make the headboard for your child’s room and it will cost as little as $40. Brennan Elliot jokes that if Ken’s headboard looks good enough, he will just take it home for his son!

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Sugar Babies

The co-owners and sister team of the bakery Sugar Babies, Kassandra Workman and Rachel Crystal talk about the launch of their cupcakery food truck. They found their food truck on eBay, and purchased it with all of their life savings. The girls do weddings, parties and events. They join Cristina in the kitchen to bake some of their famous cupcakes.

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Valentine’s Day Fashion

Debbie Matenoupolos shows you various looks to try out for this Valentine’s Day. She suggests buying an outfit you can wear for other occasions and not just February 14th. Also, all black with a pop of red is a stylish way to go with the Valentine’s Day theme. Floral and maxi dresses can also be worn all year long and go with any body type.

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