Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

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The Christmas Parade

This year’s Christmas Parade co-hosts Erik Estrada and Laura McKenzie visit Home & Family to talk about this year’s big event. This year marks the 85th anniversary of the parade and this year you can watch it from home on December 21st, at 3/2C on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Eric and Laura also talk about past grand marshals and Debbie and Mark talks about their own time participating in it.

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Sourdough Tres Leche Cake with Whipped Cream - Home & Family

Rose Lawrence Bakes

Baker Rose Lawerence is in the kitchen baking one of her favorite desserts, sourdough tres leech cake with whipped cream and flowers. She loves using sourdough because it is easier to digest and it adds a tangy twist. She jokes that every boy and girl should learn how to make this dessert as a family tradition.

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David Burke Interview

The writer and author from Slangman Productions to talk about his series of books that teach kids about slang in a variety of languages. He even puts the family members to the test to see how much they know slang.

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DIY Baby Elf Ears - Home & Family

DIY Elf Baby Ears

Orly Shani is creating the perfect holiday photo op, showing you how to make your own little baby elf ears using a beanie hat, felt, stuffing, needle and thread. The entire DIY cost is just one dollar!

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High Heel Hangover - Home & Family

High Heel Hangover

Dr. Bobby Pourziaee is visiting Home & Family to talk about some tips and lessons when it comes to dealing high heel pain. The founder of Rodeo Drive Podiatry and The Spa on Rodeo explains to high heel fan Debbie that the pain can come from shortening the calf muscles, creating an unstable gate and calling stress at the ball of the foot. He also recommends massaging feet for five minutes per night with your favorite lotion and soaking your feet in Epson salt to reduce inflammation.

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Griffin Gluck Interview

The teenage actor sits down with Mark and Debbie to talk about his latest comedy, “Why Him?” which he co-stars with James Franco and Bryan Cranston. The film opens in theaters nationwide this Friday. He jokes that in real life he had a lot of similarities with his character, including being the pesky little brother. The cast got so close on the set that Bryan would arrange family dinners for everybody.

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Travel Tips

Laura McKenzie is back with Mark and Debbie to tell them some last-minute travel tips for the holidays. This includes avoiding flying with gift wrapped presents because security will have to unwrap them, so instead, travel with gift bags and tissues. Also, always make sure you secure your own seat online, since flights often get overbooked.

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Christmas Meatloaf - Home & Family

Christmas Meatloaf

Debbie is back in the kitchen and this time she is making a Christmas meatloaf with some festive ingredients like cranberries with a cranberry sauce on top. The recipe comes from Home & Family viewer, Wafi Brandt.

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Brian Donovan Interview

The filmmaker visits Home & Family to talk about his documentary, “Kelly’s Hollywood,” which premieres December 22nd, at 6PM on Showtime Showcase. The movie centers around Brian’s relationship with his late sister, who had Down’s Syndrome. She passed away in 2009 before the film was completed. He jokes that while filming, Kelly loved being on camera and always wanted to be a movie star, so she was very easy to work with on this documentary.

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DIY Paper Cone Tree - Home & Family

DIY Wrapping Paper Tree

Paige Hemmis is showing you how put your Hallmark wrapping paper to creative use with this DIY, a paper tree. The best part is the entire DIY will cost you as little as five dollars.

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Twistin' for Charity

Kym Douglas challenges the family members to a game of Twister, all in the name of charity.