Paige Hemmis is using Hallmark wrapping paper to create a very festive DIY.


  • Hallmark wrapping paper (several rolls)
  • The cardboard tubes that come with the wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter (optional)

DIY Paper Cone Tree - Home & Family


1. Remove the wrapping paper from the cardboard tubes and set aside.

2. Take three of the tubes and cut them to three varying lengths – I used 30”, 20”, and 10” but you can make these any size that you would like.

3. Cut the wrapping paper into squares. The squares will vary depending on the height of your tube trees. For my trees, here is the cut list. It’s best to cut the paper with a paper cutter all at once and set them aside. Here is what you will need:

For the 30” tree:
A. 22 cut at 8”x8” squares
B. 22 cut at 7”x7” squares
C. 22 cut at 6”x6” squares
D. 22 cut at 5”X5” squares
E. 22 cut at 4”x4” squares

For the 20” tree:
A. 22 cut at 7”x7” squares
B. 22 cut at 6”x6” squares
C. 22 cut at 5”X5” squares
D. 22 cut at 4”x4” squares

For the 10” tree:
A. 11 cut at 6”x6” squares
B. 22 cut at 5”X5” squares
C. 11 cut at 4”x4” squares

4. Take each of the squares and turn them into a cone by wrapping the paper around itself.

5. Tape the inside of the cone to secure in the shape of the cone. Tape the top of the tree as well.

6. For the first layer, start at the bottom and work your way up. Tape another piece of tape to
hold it into place on the cardboard tube.

7. Continue this all the way around on the bottom level.

8. Start the next highest row in between the previous level. This will make it full all the way

9. When you get to the top of the cardboard tube, tape all of the tips inside the tube. This
won’t look the best but you will cover it with some lovely ribbon, so don’t worry about the way it looks!

10. Take wired 2” ribbon and make a bow for the top. Tape it into place.

11. Voila! Enjoy your wrapping paper trees!

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