Gina Torres Interview

Actress Gina Torres stops by to talk about her character Jessica Pearson on the USA Network’s series, “Suits.” This is the fifth season of portraying a powerful lawyer and she loves playing such an empowered role. In real life, Gina is married to actor Laurence Fishburne and Mark calls them a power couple. Together, they have an eight-year-old daughter and family is very important. Before Gina leaves, Cristina and Mark present Gina with some classic movies to watch with her daughter.
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Alex Thomopoulos Cooks! - Home & Family

Alex Thomopoulos Cooks!

Cristina’s daughter Alex stops by to show you how to cook for a dinner party of six and only spend $30! She says you can save money by asking your guests to bring the wine and dessert. She also recommends looking for seasonal vegetables and whole grains that can stretch your meals to serve more people. She also emphasizes to look for sale prices at grocery stores. Alex makes pasta and a salad for her guests!

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Dorm Room Space Saving Tips

Kym Douglas is back to show you how to maximize your space, particularly for students moving into dorm rooms like her son, Hunter. She recommends taking a shower caddy and turning it into a desk organizer. You can also use a shoe organizer to place your snacks and sodas in.

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Jordan Hinson Interview

Actress Jordan Hinson sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her new ABC Family series, “Kevin From Work.” Jordan already has a following, given her five seasons on the quirky Syfy network series, “Eureka” which has lead to interesting fan encounters all around the world, including meeting a guy who tattooed Jordan’s autograph on her arm!  Jordan has several tattoos, and later her mom joins the interview to talk about her daughter’s beautiful tattoo work, which she fully supports.
Don't miss Jordan on "Kevin From Work," when it premieres Wednesday, August 12th, 8/7c on ABC Family.

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Do It Yourself Vinyl Bookshelf - Home & Family

DIY Vinyl Record Bookshelf

Paige Hemmis returns with an idea for how to organize a vinyl record collection. Paige came up with the idea when her friend’s mother passed away, but she wanted to find a way to store her mother’s gigantic record inventory. Using fabric boxes, she shows you how to turn the vinyl record collection into art work without destroying the records.

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Customized Photos - Home & Family

Customized Photos

Debbie Matenopoulos shows you the variety of ways you can show off your family with what you wear. From bracelets that feature their initials to personalized coffee mugs that have your family’s photos on them, your loved ones will never be far from your thoughts!

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Underwater Photography Tips Part 1 - Home & Family

Mark’s Underwater Photography

Mark recently shot some underwater photos using a model and a pool. When it comes to equipment, Mark bought an Ike Light, which takes a beautiful photograph underwater. He also says to make sure the water is clean and clear and when it comes to lighting the pool, be very safe, especially with electrical cords around. The next day, Mark will go into more details about using your smart phone and shooting underwater. Mark goes through a few other photos he took with Debbie Mateopoulos, Alex Thomopoulos and Paige Hemmis as models.

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The Six String Soldiers

The Six String Soldiers take to the Home & Family stage to perform, “Looking at the World Through a Windshield,” a song about the constant change that every soldier must get used to. The men formed their group on 1981 after worldwide auditions. The main message the men want to convey through their music is to say thank you for doing your part in making this nation so great.

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Pets Left in Cars - Home & Family

Pets Left in Cars

With summer heat hitting records, Laura Nativo explains the dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car. A dog cannot sweat, so they have no way to cool down in the heat. The inside temperature of a car can jump 33% in eight minutes. If you feel a dog is in grave danger in a car, dial 911 and save their life. There are also products you can purchase that will help keep your pet cool in these hot temperatures. If you have to make a quick trip in the store and leave your animal in the car, leave them with ice cold water and open windows and make sure the trip isn’t long.

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