Greer Grammer Interview

Actress Greer Grammer sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about return of her MTV series, “Awkward,” where she plays the role of Lissa. Greer’s father, Kelsey gave her some advice when she first got into the business. He told her to be strong and follow her love of acting and not get caught up in the celebrity aspect of the business. He also prepared her to be ready for rejection, but it just made her stronger.
Don't miss "Awkward" when it returns Monday on MTV.

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Ben Ford Grills! - Home & Family

Chef Ben Ford Cooks

Ben Ford is joined by Cristina’s daughter Alex Thomopolous to cook up a dish inspired by Ben’s trip to Adana, Turkey: Turkish Adana Kabobs. Alex contributes by cooking gluten-free flat bread. By adding the urfa pepper, you give the meat a smoky raisin-like taste!

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High-Fashion Readers

Debbie Matenopoulos talks about being fashionable and wearing glasses! She emphasizes to know your face shape before investing in glasses. She uses Paige Hemmis and Dan Kohler to model the latest specs available.

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K9 Training

Andy Falco has been training K9s for 30 years and shares his experience with Mark and Cristina. He also shares a video of how he trains the dogs to track down the bad guys. When it comes to training, Andy says love and respect is the foundation and to also never reward bad behavior from the dogs.

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Catherine Reitman Interview

Actress Catherine Reitman talks about her latest funny film “Slow Learners.” She opens up about being a mom to a baby and what it was like shooting the film right after giving birth to her son Jackson. Ironically, she started shooting the film on her first Mother’s Day. Catherine also grew up with Cristina’s daughter, Alex. She shares some wonderful stories of watching them grow up together.

The Mother Company - Home & Family

The Mother Company

Abbie Schiller and Samantha Kurtzman-Counter of The Mother Company talk to Home & Family about preparing your child emotionally and socially for school. This includes limiting screen time as a parent and giving your children routines for confidence and a sense of safety. The women also encourage parents to create family mottos and teach personal family history to their children.

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Rattlesnake Warning - Home & Family

Rattlesnake Safety

Wildlife expert Jules Sylvester talks to Home & Family about rattlesnakes, particularly Alex, whose own dog was attacked just last weekend. Alex encourages viewers at home to find the closest vet that carries anti-venom in case their pet is bitten. Jules explains that dogs are more resistant to snake bites than humans, which is why Alex’s dog survived. Jules even brings a rattlesnake in to show viewers at home what kind of snakes to look for when they spot a rattlesnake, because their rattler doesn’t always make a sound.

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The Science of Hot Sauce - Home & Family

The Science of Hot Sauce

Food scientist Dan Kohler breaks down the science of hot sauce, which comes from capaicin, a spicy chemical in chili peppers. He explains that hot sauce gives a rush to endorphins and that is why some people can’t get enough of spicy foods. Dan also introduces Home & Family to various hot spices from around the world.

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Do It Yourself Foam Tool Organizer - Home & Family

DIY Foam Tool Organizer

Paige Hemmis is in the garage showing Home & Family how to make a foam tool organizer. She encourages viewers at home to align the tools in any way you want, but still maintains it organization. Make sure you let it the organizer set overnight and the next day you will have an outline that holds your tools!

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