Fran Drescher Interview
The award-winning actress sits down with Mark and Cristina to catch up about her life in Los Angeles. Fran jokes that even though she was born and raised in New York, she has fallen in love with hiking in Malibu and being outdoors. Fran is getting ready to honor her good friend Rosie O’Donnell, who became an advocate for women with heart disease shortly after her own diagnosis. The honor will take place at Fran Drescher’s Women’s Health Summit 2015 on October 13th at the Skirball Cultural Center in LA.

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Pizza Dip! - Home & Family

Pizza Dip
Mark and Cristina are in the kitchen cooking up a recipe right off the Home & Family Fridge. They are joined by the contributor, Deb McCabe, via Skype. Deb is a huge fan of the show and talks a little about her Pizza Dip recipe and says it was an experience, at first, but it became a hit when finished!

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Do It Yourself Pleated Skirts - Home & Family

DIY Pleated Skirts
Orly Shani is back and she is ready to show you how to turn old skirts into fashionable pleated ones.  Orly jokes that the skirts were influenced by car washes. When you make a skirt yourself, you can design it to your body and it can cost as little as five dollars, if you get the skirt at a second-hand store.

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Do It Yourself Baby Headbands - Home & Family

DIY Headbands for Baby Girls
Tanya Memme shows you how to make your very own headbands for baby girls. She is joined by Orly Shanti who is expecting her own baby girl any day now. Tanya also makes her own accessories on the headband as a way of saving even more money!

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Job Interview Dos and Dont’s
Career Expert Jane Buckingham sits down with Home & Family to discuss her new show on ABC Family “Job or No Job” and how she preps young adults for their first job interviews. She advises people to avoid spelling mistakes on resumes. Always wear appropriate clothing that will make you feel comfortable, as well.
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Back-to-School Lunch - Home & Family

Twin Chefs in the Kitchen
Lilly and Audrey Andrews are identical twins chefs who are inspired by food they grow in their garden. Today, the twins prepare a back-to-school dish that kids will love, Cannellini Bean and Corn Salad. All of their recipes are great for kids to prepare, too! The girls' cookbook, "We Love Cooking! Totally Tasty Food for Kids" is available in stores.

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Express Yourself!
Kym Douglas shows you the latest fashion trend called “word art,” a way of wearing your feelings on shirts. Shirts, luggage tags and even socks that have fun words on them are all the rage and Tanya and Orli even model some of the fashions off for Kym!
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Ask the Family
The family members all gather around to answer questions from Facebook viewers!

Pomegranates 101 - Home & Family

Pomegranate Trees
Shirley Bovshow breaks down all the information you need to know about pomegranates. The ruby red seeds are called “arils” and are a great source of antioxidants. Pomegranates also contain an acid that promotes heart and artery health. When it comes to growing the trees, Texas, Arizona and California have the best climate. When it comes to removing pomegranate seeds, Shirley recommends these easy steps: score the rind with a knife and twist open, then squeeze the rind to soften seeds over a large container and pound with a heavy spoon.

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